Enterring Eden / Shambhala 71


We are locked into a virtual reality, where our only direct experience is OUR OWN mind. While the world is physical, our experience of it is psychological. And the lesser mind transforms what is out there in mutually exclusive dualisms. Like the ideas of time and space. Yet the illusion is so powerful that we fall under its spell, and engineer “facts” to prove their existence. Yet what we are reacting to is own interpretation, not reality. We needed this duality (illusion) as a mirror to see self. Yet now we look in this mirror and don’t realize anymore it is our reflection we are experiencing. Real reality beyond the mirror is not caught in mutually exclusive opposites, but unions of opposites. The lower self perceives via senses which are dual and can’t see 2 things at once, in the same way as two particles can’t be in the same place at the same time. But we know right outside that box or frequency range of the lower (dual mind) hides a quantum field or level where 2 particles can be in the same space at the same time or twin photons as a pair or unit can be at two places at the same time. This is the reality we experience when we experience synchronicity and/or telepathy (quantum communication). Those of us doing the work of touching the shadow are activating a unified sense which is able to perceive this quantum domain (or new world) beyond this virtual reality we are caught in when caught in an experience of the dual/split mind unhealed by the work of self reflection. We are already in eden, only locked out of its experience as long as we reject the shadow, yet it is all around us, which we will start seeing to the degree that we activate the transcendent sense or the sense which transcends this reality experience caught in mutually exclusive categories as space and time.

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