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About the Center of Self Development

At the center is featured the work of depth psychologist of both the individual level and the deeper more collective levels: Carl Gustav Jung. Jung started his work as a psychiatrist, and later became a psychologist. Carl Jung discovered & introduced the term ‘Collective Unconscious’, which in physics is referred to as the non-local quantum level where we find what in quantum physics is referred to as entanglement, etc.

This is important because this is the level where we find the psychology of paranormal phenomena and what we would call spiritual development. So next to having developed a Jungian psycho-therapeutic modality called Touching the Shadow at the individual level at the center, we also study the deeper reality Physics calls ‘Quantum’ and Religion calls ‘Spiritual’, but in terms of firsthand experiences and thus from within & thus psychologically in terms of the Collective Unconscious.

The center has developed and provides next to the therapy modality of Touching the Shadow, to create more integration in the self and hook up the self to its essential nature and core (also based on a dreamwork component of this work) we also provide a method to aid others to have first hand experience of this deeper reality, and go wherever the data (content) takes us.

Everybody has a different edge or core competency. Some write books… They have a way with words. Others research. In my field we find quantum physics researching the existence of this deeper field I am also busy with. Yet you could see my edge as the application of quantum physics. That is the development of the approach to help myself and others to have a firsthand experience/immersion with this deeper field. I would call it spiritual technology if such an oxymoron could exist. Art would be more like the right term and not technology in the mechanical sense of the word. What I have developed is a therapeutic method based on an application of synchronicity. Basically a way to get people to experience synchronicity at several levels of depth. In more poetic terms it is a way to get to know god. Of course god as wholeness. As a psychologist my main work is that I have developed a method (touching the shadow) to connect to what is called in Sport “The Zone” or in other traditions zero point or still point. In Jungian tradition it is called The Self. This “Zone” is basically featured in spiritual traditions as the Tao, Chi, Awakening, Still point, Healing, etc.

Out of this has emerged an experiment in synchronicity or quantum entanglement which I report on on my youtube channel. Those that awaken start to connect to a larger collective and process which I call a quantum community. My main source of data -so to speak- is dreams and deeper info from the deeper layers of the mind. It is more like an ongoing dialogue with the unconscious. In this sense it is the unconscious that is what is my teacher. If anything my true gift is to be able to understand or decode the messages of the unconscious (which goes beyond the dreams). These messages are also found underlying the Mind-Body connection. Yes there’s much more meaning to disease then we think. My work has actually led me to believe that often the symptoms are trying to truly heal us. I feel very very blessed to be able to understand the language of the dreams for it is here -in our dreams- that lie the real solutions…


About Dimitri Halley

What you find on my social media pages (Blogger, Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter & about.me) is blogging and vlogging of real experience of reconnecting to this deeper connectivity found at the base or hum of creation. An experience of our true nature. So the total package of the work provided here at the center ranges from the first stages which involve profound efforts in self awareness and sustained inwardness focus to create and engage in quantum communication and/or telepathic collaboration.

The Psychology of Paranormal Phenomena, Jungian Psychology, Connection Depth Psychology & Quantum Physics, Clinical semiotics, Spirituality, Psychic side of Sports, movie making and movies for archetypes and as dreams, dream interpretation, Dream Healing Energy, simulation


‘First we must change the way we look at the world,
than the world will change’ ~ Dimitri Halley