Analysis of Maleficent, The Magician Witch 3



I have been asked by many people about Maleficent’s symbolism and if it also could mean a union of opposites in the alchemical sense: malevolent + magnificent = maleficent. Meaning that if she would represent an alchemical union of opposites and thus a Self symbol of sorts. because that’s what a union of opposites really represents. So i will answer/discuss it shortly in plenary.


Merging with Darkness

The answer is that I don’t believe this character represents a union of opposites in the alchemical or Jungian sense. What we see here in this movie but in so many songs and movies which have been coming out lately, is an attempt to merge the dark of the underworld/dimensions with the shadow, and thus making it look like one should merge with darkness as if it were shadow. This is why also in this movie sleeping beauty, chooses to go with the Witch.

Today a 4 year old told me this: that sleeping beauty was not afraid of the Witch… The erroneous idea this leads to is that the real light will merge with the real Dark and birth a child or so. Or thus something like god and the devil are somehow now to merge and procreate. This is totally off beat but not far from what we see now all over as being some sort of understanding being suggested to the people in almost every movie etc which has been coming out lately.


The Shadow is not Darkness

Here what is really happening is that we are analysing this archetype at the wrong level (of aggregation) namely as an individual archetype while The Character of the Witch magician is a collective archetype. This character basically permeates all of the literature of fairy tail and is a standard in all of Disney’s princess fairy tales etc etc.

In short this is not an archetype at the individual level but at the collective level where the logic of alchemical opposites etc changes totally. This is why there’s so much confusion regarding differentiating the shadow from collective or spiritual darkness. The one is at a psychological level and the other at a dimensional or spiritual level which we would call in Jungian psychology the collective unconscious.


This confusion can cost one dearly because mistaking the shadow (which is a construct at the psychological level) with the dark (a spiritual or collective archetype) can lead to one merging wilfully with darkness and thus evil. It is of extreme importance to not confuse these constructs and archetypes which belong to a complete different level of aggregation.


People are in a kind of sleep

This has led to almost an epidemic of so-called shadow work tools and methods out there now really ushering a merger with darkness. Most of it is out of ignorance and unawareness. But the truth is that this sleep that this dark grandmother in terms of a spell of sorts casts on sleeping beauty really represents a state the world has been put under. It is what we have found happens when we reject the psychological shadow, i.e., we plunge deeper and deeper into denser and darker dimensions which is what this sleep state of sort represents. So the “sleep” is really the merging deeper and deeper with darkness becoming a psychological zombie of sorts. Therefore dreams from many people over the whole world have represented that the people globally have been put in a sleep of sorts because of hat i have in a prior writing referred to as the global psychological agenda of repressing the shadow or the feminine.


This is why there is so much talk of the necessity for people to awaken…in so many truther circles etc etc. And how so much can be hidden in plain sight and no one see it.



We see the same theme in the Latest Hollywood movie: Frozen, where this Ice Princess also hanging on the evil side (but again trying to make her also benign/hero), casts a spell over the whole city, “freezing” the whole city. Freezing is another symbol for sleeping.


We Can’t stop

Maleficent has the same horns of the goat and is really the archetype behind also what i have recently written about in terms of Miley Cyrus as Baphomet and the process of making of the goat girls which is the super yang don’t give a s…. ‘do as thou wilt’ inflated extreme development by virtue of cutting off the shadow which is what leads to moving into every darker levels and dimensions. In Frozen, the movie, we find the same method in terms of “Let it Go…” as we find here in terms of ‘do what thou wilt’….we can’t stop…. which is the super yang extreme inflated development which is the dictum of Baphomet which is the goat archetype, but which leads to an inevitable fall.



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