Archetype of Christmas


Remember we are in Plato’s cave and things here are just hinting us (pointing) toward something real beyond the cave. Everything in the cave is ephemeral.

We should therefore look at everything in a symbolic or analogical way. In terms of its meaning, not definition. Definitions keep us stuck in Platonics…not inner standing and becoming the thing…which is the power of symbols. The only way to enter that place this holiday (holy) day celebration represents is by becoming this symbol.

The real counting is not toward the many but back toward the One where we see our oneness with the other/thing. I am the present…I Am the gift under the tree.

The meaning of the Christ gift (the gift of Christ) or “Present” paradoxically represents that which cannot be owned or given from without…can only be obtained (become) within… we can only be with-in the Present…

The present or “The Now” is the greatest gift. Indirect or direct it is everything we look for. Everything we yearn for is based on, i.e., are symbols hinting at, this Gift or The present. Which paradoxically cannot be given to u.



White horses

Running Horses

The gist is that the Christmas celebration, as of celebration of the birth of Christ, is the birth of the Self… This is what the gifts or Presents represent under the tree of life. The Self lives in the eternal Now or present. Nothing in he cave will gift u this, as a matter of fact if we seek it outside of ourselves the gift turns into the German/Dutch Gifte or Gif which is poison. It is in this sense that it will kill u, if looked for without.

Whatever u search outward will eventually kill u. The more u eat the more empty u will feel.

“That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves.That which you do not have within you will kill you if you do not have it within you.” (J in GOT).

All our sufferings come either from being locked out of the Present, or thus either from the past or the future… This is why finding the Self or the Present is awakening to our Buddha nature. Or awakening to the truth…which we know when we hear/see/are it.




As I started to write this extended message on the archetypal meaning of christmas as being premised on the Self archetype (the whole Self); a rainfly drags a dragonfly onto my key board. The weirdest thing…to see a little rainfly drag the dragonfly many times its size there…in a split second. I just turned my head and it was there.

This was in related vein where a few days ago I posted a picture on my FB page of a face on the back of a butterfly which resembles Ahriman and which also correlated strongly with the message I was writing of the Last Salvation also for the fallen, at that moment and a pic of fallen angels I had posted.

A week before this a rainbow coloured dragonfly emerged in a dream of a man representing the Self and its abode which is eternal holy day. They are commonly associated with fairy’s which are also symbolic of that domain where it is always Now or Holy day. Where time stands still.

The riding around of “Santa” on the slay is the vision of the One/Christ on the White horse riding around with the other white horses… bringing around these Presents (Selves). They are represented by the Orbs (balls of light) which hang on the Self-tree. Inside these orbs are these presents: the diamonds or Selves which abode in the present or the Now. Everything in Plato’s cave is thus a simile of this underlying archetype of Christ-mas. This is the underlying archetype or blueprint.

Only the Self (awakened one), also represented as the precious stone, golden lotus or white horse can be/abode in the present. U cannot have a or the present. U can only be in the present. And only in Self we can be in (the) Present. Only in the present we become immune to the time of Kronos…ageing and dying. No material gift can give u this. Only the real present.


Trees of Life


The Christ (Self) tree is the tree of life. It is Indras web, with diamonds at the nodes… The washed Selves (the Orbs of light) sprout on the branches, hooked up again to its infinite wisdom (Sophia) and deeper connectivity, after its sojourn and wandering in the separateness of desert of illusions (Plato’s cave). Awakened again to its Buddha nature.

This takes us (back) to the Flow (Chi/Manna): the uncontrived feed of the living waters which heal all, the tree’s of life grow around. Yes this is the great vision we are all strung to. But this also makes it dangerous because it can be used to hoax us.

The real and ultimate Present/s under the tree are the fruits growing on the trees of life (the infinite Web of deeper connectivity) in the eternal Now. Fully present in the Now having healed from the past and future (projections).

All of your tears have been wiped away…your house washed from all its sins. Back again basking in the great light of the sun which doesn’t wax or wane…doesn’t burn from heat nor from freezing, its eternal sunrise and sunset…


This is not the north pole which is classically illustrated as the place where the holiday season is from, but is the frozen impersonated version. The real holy day is a place of eternal summer and spring…

In actual fact Jesus was not born the 25th of december in heart of winter, but as alluded to above probably in spring (sun rise) or sunset (ending of summer)… The whole symbolism has been twisted from its original meaning… The one hooks u to the external presents and the North pole. The other to the real inner presents…and to the eternal spring and sunset…

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