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Archetype is from within architecture of peace is from without

Everything talks. we know now reality is a conscious universe. What we now eroneously call disease are symptoms (signs/symbols) or thus the talking of the body/earth expressing a deeper disease at grossly less measurable levels. The error this approach based on Newtonian reductionism made here and keeps making is wanting to fight and distort symptoms.

It’s the same like our current so-called architecture of peace approach which is via war on symptoms of a deeper dis-ease. The body is talking to us and trying to tell us something if off beat at a deeper level. and we attack these messages and messengers with radiation and chemo…deadly weapons and what they really do is further disrupt the system.

Even the nutrition approach, intrinsically a good thing, when proposed as alternative in terms of starving the cancer cells uses the same language, which is the same way we engineer peace by killing and starving cells which express to us the deeper lying problem. we must communicate with the body and earth and all symptoms and not eradicate cut off radiate bomb and destroy what is perceived as something opposing us.

Radiation and chemo of off beat cells (we call cancer) and the starving of cells is both the language and act of repression and not communication with the cancer or with the system.


Real Dialogue with Symptoms

In my work with dreams we actually start a dialogue with the cancer which is a physical expression of a deeper imbalance and when we understand its meaning (what it is expressing) the deeper peace expresses itself as ease in the body. our whole current approach to nature is wrong. we should’t study nature as some dead object but we need to communicate with her. In the dreams we at a certain point can communicate with her in terms of the unconscious. In dreams tornados and tsunamis attack a overly inflated personality. when we start with the dreamwork we really start a conversation with the unconscious which is mostly screaming to be heard… and once a relationship and real dialogue is established with our unconscious the wrath in the energy calms down…


A Free Police State

You cannot build an architecture of peace, as we have seen crystallising now in the world, from without. That’s like a paranoid wo/man (little inner rest) building an invisible prison/cage around a woman (partner); disguised as a golden cage. It’s the inflated masculine (yang) nightmare we are seeing being erected around us where we see a virtual police state erected around a “free” people. In the hope that sleeping beauty or Cinderella remain asleep and not see what all has been done to keep her imprisoned/caught. Drones, 24/7 listening to phone calls from whole countries and preemptive strikes and invasions in homes and nations is the outside imposing of peace oxymoronically via war itself. It really looks a lot like the war on symptoms we call cancer etc etc.


Self: Archetype of Peace

The Self on the other hand is the archetype of peace which is found when the compensatory symptoms (signs) of the shadow (opposition) are listen to and integrated into the whole. Only this inner shadow work takes us deep inside to the Self archetype which exists in the inner still point and doesn’t project anymore and doesn’t need to enforce and impose on others what it lacks. Only this deep inner shadow work each individual must do on him/herself versus imposing an architecture of peace (control system) on the other, will really put the atoms at ease…


One is top down and thus inevitably will culminate in coming from an apex at the top of a pyramid/hierarchy or machine bureaucracy. While the other one will come from deep within and from grass roots. the one will come by being the example for the other…: the other will make others the example. The one sees peace as the law, the other as a circle. the one is like radiation based on power the other based on meaning self awareness and true dialogue. The external one will be bound to ultimately end up playing with the Law (laws). ¬†Using the law/s to benefit ourselves (private). The other based on¬†discovering the inner law and putting all effort on mastering self…


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