CERN & The False Rapture (Abduction) 2



Singularity, Transgender, CERN, Quantum Computers UFO’s all mean we are in the first stages of a Fake Rapture.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings

This painting was made by my son 2 days ago while i was ruminating on these thoughts I started writing up last night. He showed it to me today. He explained (its been inverted here horizontal but it needs to be rotated to the right): at the top the black is a tornado and in it the purple things are angels and the red spot is a fire/red ball and green light he said in which god and Jesus are appearing or coming through. The Bible refers to god as a whirlwind too. Children are still psychic and are seeing very clearly what is really happening.



CERN is not some big mystery. Its the inevitable outcome of this version of science which seeks outward what is really within. When the opposites are ripped apart we open a wormhole to the lower dimensions. Hollywood is not crazy, it’s just not the true vision but the anti vision or tel-lie-vision (or prophecy if u wish). Yet we all are little nuclear reactors/particle accelerators and are doing this in our own lives when we cut off the shadow (split the Atom within). This is simply what CERN is just doing at a collective scale. So at a collective scale this is just opening the portal to a lower dimension which is also referred to in prophetic scriptures as the bottomless pit. But as in video attached here, I don’t think the so-called elite know what they are unleashing on themselves and have also been deceived.


I see it daily in dreams of people all over the world: how a wormhole is created and opened when opposites in self are rented apart to extreme degrees. And the dreamer goes through this worm hole, sometimes its represented as a black hole. It goes in layers cause there are several layers toward a full leap to another, what in physics would be called, parallel dimension. This is now happening with great velocity, at a global scale with CERN and the sum total persons splitting or cutting off the shadow at a global scale. The whole culture is based on cutting off the feminine which is the shadow of this phallic timeline which leaps into a transgender template.

Self is the Atom

What we call in Jungian psychology the Self is really from the inside (noumenon) what in physics is called the Atom. Jung collaborated with Pauli (Nobel winner Subatomic Physics) therapeutically but also on the structure of the Self/Atom in terms of a new multidimensional model of reality beyond 3d where causality was traded for synchronicity.

Their correspondance was published under the name: Atom and Archetype. Archetype referring to Self. This was no coincidence. Pauli (Einstein’s crown prince) left Jung and returned to higher circles in physics. On his deathbed he only wanted to see Jung, but it was too late. Here we find the 2 lines: we continue in the tradition of Jung to unite the opposites in Self from the inside toward true centre, and that line in higher physics went on to split the Atom and now CERN taking it apart yet more toward the opening of a portal to the outer which is same as lower in vibratory terms. Yes flat earth theory is also taking what is really a vibrational map/mandala 3 dimensionally.

The Dots


It’s not so hard to connect the dots. All of the major en/de/velopment/s of the time line which correlates with the ripping apart of the atom are going toward the same field beyond opposites (space-time). This is what transgender is and why there’s such an emphasis on blurring gender lines in the Lie-vision. As i’ve recently written about in terms of the marriage of the goat, the transgender trend is patterned on the transgender nature of the Goat or Baphomet which is heavily worshipped by followers on this time line. Baphomet is a male goat with breasts. It is neither male or female…which is a notch beyond homosexuality and bisexuality. The marriage of the Goat is humankind being fashioned in the likeness of the transgender goat which is a form of superposition in terms of gender: an upside down version of the true hermaphroditic Self archetype.



Quantum Computer

The break through to the quantum computer is part of the same movement to non dual singularity, the scientific leg of the Non dual New Age movement, where is jumped beyond zero’s and ones into what is called superposition, and which is really the portal to another lower dimension. In past writings i’ve referred to this as the oxymoronic hyperspace. Where we can be two completely opposing things at the same time: like being a Peace Nobel and a war monger and tracking the arctic while being a sustainability green advocate. this is a non dual variant of the transgender transhuman template.

All of this: the transhuman, transgender, the ripping atom apart by Cern etc etc are all pointing to the leap to an outer/lower dark dimension by this time line by virtue of this ripping apart of the opposites both within (Self) and without (Atom) by opening a wormhole. This is called also the fake rapture or ascension which in agreement with the “as above as below” principle is the anti singularity and anti of the true rapture we find also represented in dreams where those approximating true Self, via true Self also leap to another domain. This transgender self is really a portal to the other domain. One going back to true natural core and centre and the other out to outer/hyperspace which becomes fully robotic and machine like and plastic/metalic.


AI & Alien Progeny

This whole “envelopment” zeniths into the construct of AI which is a supercomputer void of all humanity/feeling/compassion and nature. It’s no accident all of our food is becoming GMO and unnatural. The transhuman would be a merger with an AI super machine (another description of the marriage of the Goat. The goat is an AI supercomputer. Science is floating this idea but is itself being deceived into this and really has no choice given that this is the logical outcome of the now ruling scientific paradigm. In prior writings the problem with this paradigm has been considered which gazes outward for causation and progeny. With this also comes the whole current cosmology where earth is seen as situated at the periphery of the galaxy which is inconsistent with a vibratory grasp of reality. This while on the other side, the core Self seems to be progeny from central source.

UFO’s & Fallen Angels

So yes there’s a strong correlation between CERN and the increasing presence of UFO’s. It’s very simple the 2 lines are driven by either the uniting of the opposites (convergence) and the other the splitting of the opposites (divergence or dissociation in terms of the psyche). It is no coincidence that science has now concerted on the idea of parallel dimensions etc.

Its all heading toward a quantum jump to another level or parallel or dimension seemingly on both sides. To this accord the UFO’s are coming in from this lower dimension. See writings of mine where is shown how they are also disguising as clouds etc. But this also tallies with the all of the rest of the renting apart of the opposites which is opening up a lower portal or we can say this level is lowering down into this lower dimension. What we call aliens are thus dense beings from this lower dimension and more and more the New Age in convergence with the opening of portals (science) etc are all pointing to a convergence of dimensions both from centre (higher) and lower dimensions. A split in 2 time lines very much like cell division seems inevitable.

Raptures into Parallel Dimensions

Opening up a wormhole is of course deeply linked to UFO’s coming in or actually this fake time line going down toward a jump into a lower domain. The common denominator is going beyond polarity (or in the case of quantum computers 0’s and 1’s) and into a kind of lower superposition. There’s a strong concerted effort to equate the “aliens” from below with the opening of the portal above and make it look like the real jump or “rapture”.

Abduction by “Consent”

The deception to create the rapture by consent is powerful. From many angles of science now is being launched the idea of Aliens being progenitors of humans. What is thus happening is that 2 portals are opening and those splitting off the shadow are being sucked though one and those uniting the opposites in self are being raptured through the other. When we reach true Self it is also experienced as a rebirth. In this sense spiritual literature (vision) represents it as pangs of distress at a global level that the earth is going through toward this transition. The fake rapture would be an abduction because it is based on a strong delusion. Its not ur classical abduction because many via this deception it is shrouded in are wanting it believing it is the true ascension.



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