Deus Ex Machina: Transcendence



Science is at its core a control system. Laboratory super controlled manipulation conditions of dismemberment are designs and really prisons of reality. Forcing reality to behave in highest possible predictable ways. They study the dead dismembered lobster out of the sea. Not the living reality of lobster in sea. The real light of true Self can only abide in uncontrived living reality not enslaved in a perfect machine/laboratory.

What is gleaned in terms of the nature of reality from prison-like conditions is perfect machine-like (slave) mechanics or behaviour: not what living reality is really like. The same way these manipulated/artificial conditions create plastic artificial food, not fit for real humans; the same way the tec products of this method in medicine and education are not fit for real human beings. But fantastic for war and military applications.

This basically imprisonment or control system will eventually lead to it’s alien god: Prometheus: an Artificial Intelligence bent on perfect control and cloning (of itself). Self awareness and TAO (Real Wisdom) will lead to the real light of the true unique Self. For this all “inhibitions/repressions” (controls) need to be released.

The one, driven by prediction, will eventually be uploaded to a machine (“tec transcendence”)… The other’s abode can only be the unprejudiced (no predictions/zero control/s)…uncontrived garden of The Now. The one; the “tec paradise” of total control, compulsion and predictability. The other where allowing and true Love abode.

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