Entering Hyperspace II: The Psychology of Frozen 2


We are more and more entering a virtual reality of oxymorons, where the blatant contradiction is becoming the basic fabric of the hyper real or virtual reality. a reality fully artificial run by this artificial intelligence which conceives of things in irreconcilable opposites. Talk about the oxymoron of on the one hand cutting (bezuiniging) down and back of the money of the people via (calling it) taxes and measures. Cutting it down, not fat anymore but the muscle and organs, to the bone of the people toward a hunger games of austerity. While on the other turning education into an elite affair predatorily testing at the door within an already survivalist school culture. And so this cutting of the muscle and the potential while it is education that is the main production/creation factor in a society. We are witnessing societies and a world which is at great odds with itself. We really seeing the emergence an upside down uroboric serpent biting its own tale…literally feeding off of itself (as it has been doing with its own nature/earth) now with its own human potential beyond the point of self inflicted harm, now toward self inflicted extinction. The question which must be begged is: who is the game maker in this hunger games?

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