If Soul is Good the Body must feel it 2


The word psyche means Soul. The real work of a psychologist is care for the soul. I’ve spent now the better half of my life listening to the real pain we/people go through in life. Looked deeply into this pain inward and innerstanding the pain in others… walking in their shoes. I’ve seen deeply how this pain of rejection, abandonment, loss, abuse, humiliation… is etched and carved into our atoms and cells.

Modern medicine uses machines to test the surface of this pain, i use my soul and heart to feel deeply into it.

Yes that’s where the deeper pain of childhood goes. Disease is really deeper down expressions of this deeper soul pain we go through in life. If people suffer a lot they can loose their soul. Many have come to me saying they felt they lost their soul whereas other medical people would try to declare them psychiatric for saying this. But many who have been hurt too much walk around outside their body.

Modern (statistical) medicine deals with symptoms and education with students in the way cookbook recipes deal with dreams. In a machine-like one shoe size fits all topical fashion. A cold game of averages and trends. The individual is lost. The self…every student, patient, symptom is unique…

This is why I traded the average of stats 4 the Self (individual/individable) of Jung. Symptoms lay embedded in our unique story…in the pain of herstory. it is a disrespect to just feed people pills to silence the symptoms of what is deeper down the pain of ones life/soul story.

Symptoms are deeply intimate and personal…symbols. It is expressions of pain…yes psycho-logical…emotional pain. So yes psychotherapy (Soul therapy) can heal all symptoms. The rest is only masking the real pain. ‘Alles is mogelijk in (psycho) therapie.’ Next to putting soul back into science, the way we describe processes now is emotionally dead. If Soul is Good the Body must feel it. That is show symptoms of it.

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2 thoughts on “If Soul is Good the Body must feel it

  • Guy Ellis

    Thanks for good words. It is true, that in everyone’s story, and engraved within each once secret mystique is the path to healing. It is a wonder that the outward world of appearances and measurements tries to erase the mystique.

  • Corey

    Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you