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The media focusses on the spread of physical virusses (for instance the latest being: Zika via sexual transfer, mosquito’s and vaccinations. While its is argued we are way into the spread of psychological viruses via the social media and the internet.


MID & Emotional Contagion

Recently a very controversial study of Facebook and other Universities demonstrated the existence of Emotional Contagion (EC) via the manipulation of feed content in terms of moods (1). The concept of Emotional Contagion (EC) is the tendency for two individuals to emotionally converge. To be sure this type of dissolution of emotional states of two or more persons is more and more possible when there’s no presence os a core self structure.

“A broader definition of the phenomenon was suggested by Schoenewolf: “a process in which a person or group influences the emotions or behavior of another person or group through the conscious or unconscious induction of emotion states and behavioral attitudes” (2)”


Psychological Virus and Emotional Contagion

Notice that the unconscious induction of emotional states thus technically constitutes a hypnotic process. If we can take a psychological disorder as being the equivalent of a physical disorder, induced EC could also be applied to the spreading of multiple identity disorder and would be the equivalent of the spreading of a psychological virus.

The contention is, and findings suggest, that Multiple Identity Disorder (MID) is a psychological virus being spread in the form of a meme via the Media and Social media. Such a disorder is originally induced via direct heavy trauma. But, based on seeing how split personality has become a veritable fashion globally and how everybody has to varying degrees been traumatised in childhood and thus inheres to some degrees latent alter identities, the proposition is that this meme/template, is being propagated/triggered via the mechanism called Emotional Contagion (EC) in a soft form at a very large scale. One sees how the youth for instance is catching this template and taking it over over the whole world. If as the Facebook study suggests moods can be triggered via social media than it stands to reason, given that alters (separate identities) are basically moods, that can emotional contaigion can trigger and spread MID.


The Emotional Revolution and MID 

This is how (in the video below) they make it look like the slaves wake up, but only are put in a deeper mind prison. This whole emotional revolution (referred to at the event she is talking at the Yale university Centre of Emotional Intelligence) is just going from one extreme to the other. From a yay to a nay. You see but to go from the yay to the nay, as Gaga is promoting is simply going from one extreme (she wants to explode) into a revolution versus the outside world, which is really another controlled state. As Lady Gaga said:

“I want to Explode that today, break that…”

This is simply going from too much passive to the extreme opposite of too much nay or rebelling. From an implosive to an explosive. The perfect Cinderella split between the slave and the extreme rebel… And they both live under the same umbrella yet compartmentalised. As we have so often discussed here, this is just going from one pole or extreme to the opposite extreme but there’s no real core Self here. Both are circumstantial. So as Lady Gaga is urging in this presentation at Yale: to check in with yourself to see if you really want to do something the external world is asking of you and than not do it if u don’t feel like, this is still just reactive and at the surface of the self and thus still in the mind prison. As a matter of fact it is just digging oneself deeper into the maze. So they are confused and believe they are selling the real program of self as she says here:

“Slowly but surely I remembered who I am and went: “Yes”… I can go to bed with you every night… This person has “balls”, integrity, opinion doesn’t say yes, asking others what to do…”

But this is all of course not the real path of the Self, but the wonder bread version of the real self or real individual and just the rebel super soldier mode which comes and hijacked the passive slave-like mode toward its zenith and and so really more of what she refers to in the video as her hybrid self.

As I have said in other blogs the whole system is now self promoting personality disorder, to be specific: Multiple Identity Disorder..: On the one hand the perfect slave and the other the rebel ‘revolutionary’… But some are taking it indeed as part of the opposition of what is now in media referred to as the very ‘illuminati’… Which is of course controlled opposition because this other extreme is also not able to really self direct. But really together constitutes the whole matrix or spectrum of the lockdown mind. The template turned into a meme in the media is the signature MK slave-rebel/super soldier hybrid model. It is this split in the personality which is the way mind is under a state of lockdown. What is basically being displayed in the media and thus secreted out into the mind of the masses is the meme of MID (personality disorder) which is tragically a formula for a lockdown of the mind.


  2. Schoenewolf, G., (1990). Emotional contagion: Behavioral induction in individuals and groups.’ ‘Modern Psychoanalysis; 15, 49-61


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