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The Law of the old testament was all directed toward the other. Really yet very primitive. THOU shall not kill. Not: there’s a killer in me. It’s really not hard to see it in the other. we all know the saying: everybody else in the room sees the problem except u.


The New Testament and its law: Love (thy neighbour as) thyself -> Love Thyself: is all directed toward self. This is not the kind of self love or self esteem where we love the happy parts of myself etc.,: The number one in me. But where we accept those parts which we deeply reject in ourselves, and those parts us. Those parts of us which were amputated in the past which were too painful to bear. but also those parts of us which caused others to much pain to bear.


Its not like accepting the liar in me as a means to continue lying. But the liar in me could exist because the other part of me did not want to see him in me. Yet a deeper part of me always knew their was a liar in me.


Drastic Shift in the Justice Landscape

The real deeper esoteric meaning of love thyself means the painful collision of these 2 parts in me. The new Law is all about becoming aware of this battle in ME. Their separation is the only way the liar in me could exist really. This whole shift in focus of the old to the new Law changes the justice landscape drastically. The self focus is much more sophisticated and subtle than “THOU shalt not lie”. Here it is: Do I see the liar in me. And as we come aware of this Law we immediately realise we are liable.

I must own the part of me which feels worthless, unloved, worth nothing. It is the covering up of that part of me…hating that enemy in me which cause all the trouble. I over eat, lie, steal, over sex….over spend…. to cover up/read reject these parts of me.

Do u c that it isn’t ur wife which is stopping u from being who u want to be? That it isn’t the husband making u feel worthless? U c where this new Law takes us? Its not easy to really shift to the inner justice landscape and see how things trigger the way I make me feel. Yes they trigger what is there. If they were not there they couldn’t be triggered. Yes I fall out of live…it lays with me. This is the level of self responsibility that the real Law takes us to.


Love Thyself leads to Faith (not doubt)

This Love thyself, is the first steps inward from the senses; to seeing the world in terms of who I am, and not what the senses “do to me”. For thats the spell the senses puts on us. Makes us believe what is out there determines me. Science calls this causality and now they have everybody afraid of what is out there…be it Isis or Ebola.

Maybe u are triggering something in me but what is coming up is mine. And I can sit with that and love that inner enemy and walk in its shoes. Till what is happening around me doesn’t determine me but I see that what I see is a choice. Till I see that I have a choice to even choose or not choose. Where u c that I have to believe to see not see to believe; this is where this work of the true Law is taking us. This is not some repressive Thou shalt not law, but a Law that full fills who we are. Completes creation not as a machine but as a full real being.


The Last Court Case

Here we must realise all of a sudden that the thief is within and that the Judge is also within, to defend ur innocence. Only this leads to forgiveness for our sins. You see classical meditation, prayer etc etc is nice and crucial especially at the higher levels but what if we are self-deceiving…who is going to keep us honest. We must have that shadow in us that is going to boycott the plans of the deceiver in us. This is what the last day of Judgement really is. This court case goes on/is going on in ourselves. U can’t believe justice would be left up to a few Judges appointed by a ‘royal’ house or “elected”….


Who evaluates these judges in this system…? In the real justice system it is the Self which via the Son is Hooked up to the Father/Mother and this is the all seeing eye at the deepest most collective levels in us which knows all… It is self we need to deal with, not something out there which we can eventually and always con and hide from… So getting it straight is to be able to meet our creator in the end of which the Self is a spark. Meeting our creator is like a spark meeting its fire. A cell meeting/becoming one with its body. This is why we need to live this Law…so that the apart can become back part of the fire/light. A speck of darkness will not be able to take the light of this fire.


U can only love ur enemy without if u love him inside

Love thy Neighbour as thyself is the fulfilment of all of the Law in one word. Love thyself is premised on touching/accepting the shadow (enemy within). Only than u will be able to have true compassion for the enemy without. Only then u will not take ur wife or husband personal but see that they are also struggling to carry their cross/shadow. Do u accept all of u and thus all of u accept u? Are u going through life hand in hand with ur shadow (the opposite in u) or is she disloyal to u cause she does;t trust u. Does even the part of u which knows u lie love u? Do u love those parts of u, u are a refugee from, which u have spent ur whole life running from? Do u love those parts of u which were cut off in the past because they were to hard to bear? In the last Judgement this is the only question u will have to answer: if u unconditionally love all of u: the good, the bad and the ugly!



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