Lucifer is NOT the Adversary of GOD 45



The Most important Concept for Mankind: God

The biggest error in history was to declare Lucifer: Satan or thus some arch enemy or opposer (opposite) of God. Some kind of cosmic politics being implied. Because than they will say that they are as opposites, and thus ‘together’ some greater whole. Like a yin and yang connection.


This is the misunderstanding that has probably cost humanity most in its entire history. This could be the biggest misconception in our history and at the core of the way we conceive of ourselves. And why religions fight each other but fore mostly themselves within. Hence perhaps no other concept is so important as our god-concept.


Great-light has no Opposite

While this idea of a god concept in which all opposites are united has been considered, it has not been understood yet. Because it has been used among others to conceive as evil or darkness as part of or a pole of god. The great light has no opposition and is the union itself of yin-yang but so neither. Darkness or evil is the absence of that light not its opposite because in it all its opposites are already united.


God has no Opposer

So this opposition of god or opposer is not the case. God is the centre and source at the core of EVERYTHING and all. u cannot oppose something that is urself… that is what god is: the light at the centre of self of which we are a spark. nothing can be in opposition to this light or for it. Neither darkness!



U CANNOT OPPOSE SOMETHING THAT IS URSELF. So both god and satan is ill conceived in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions). Satan could be a chief spirit of evil but only -if so- in his own mind an adversary of God. But this is not the case for god. This is where his delusion lies. He could be a tempter of mankind; master of Hell (a lower darker dimension) but not in opposition to god.

He and any other fallen ones are just at odds with themselves, they just don’t see it and disconnected from source. god is inseparable from self. So there can be no darkness in great light…darkness (and evil) is not the opposite of great light. It is the absence of great light. worship only god, because god is the collective core of the self.

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