* Energetic Lockdown: The Ultimate Prison »

* The Collective Shadow & Mars »

* Touching the Shadow »

The video visualizes a dream which represents a crucial stage in the journey of the soul, individually and collectively

* Ask & You Shall Receive Series

The Relationship Quantum physics and the Unconscious is explored. The unconscious is also proposed as the missing link in understanding The Secret. Quantum physics is availed to explain how we unconsciously create toxic patterns in our life. Part one establishes how the unconscious is not only a psychological construct. That it is psychophysical and capable of intervening in the physical domain.

* The Golden Compass (complete!) »

A depiction of our relationship to our shadow and the consequences. This is done on the backdrop of the movie ‘The Golden Compass’. In the other parts is depicted in the movie how there’s a plan to cut off the shadow from people as a means to mentally enslave them. This was originally a series we had put on you tube, parts 3, 4 and 5 were taken down by youtube.

* The Blood Series (complete) »

A depiction of the meaning of the Crucifixion is interpreted in terms of the problem of the shadow. This is done on the backdrop of the movie ‘The Silence of  the Lambs’ and ‘Stigmata’.

* Seek and You Shall Find Series »

Integrating Jungian Psychology and Spirituality. A description is given of the Self in terms of its spiritual context.

* Transcendence Series »

In this series we go beyond the problems of observation and toward a transcendent experience of the world. A unique perspective is offered whereby this understanding takes us into the firsthand experience of that domain which Quantum Physics theorizes about in terms of Energy Fields & Waves. This constitutes a unification of Quantum Physics & Psychology.

 *Interviews Dimitri Halley & Evita Ochel (Jun-Dec 2013)

Part 1: Facing the Shadow to Liberate from the Illusion
Part 2: Journey to Self Through the Language and Meaning of Dreams
Part 3: Exploring Collective Dreams and Shared Dreaming