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300 Videos & Podcasts

Halley has about 300 free videos available on You Tube user daniela1771 and also on You Tube user dimitrihalley which you can use for your own research. Just new on this journey? No problem, this video provides a first step into some background information: “How you attract you Shadow” is our recommendation for starters.

How do I get started?.001Counseling Available

Chances are you might already be familiar with Dimitri Halley’s online work.

We are available for advice on relationship issues and family problems.

Business need some inspiration?

A lot of counseling requests will be geared toward ‘Dreamwork‘ and counseling based on interpreting dreams.

Local Workshops Starting Now


This is a special offer for our Aruban clients or people visiting Aruba.

Every Thursday night there will be a weekly workshop/presentation.  This is another way to get access to the domain of psychological & spiritual growth as a tool to help yourself and others.