OneRepublic’s Counting wrong Stars 45

We have no idea what is being done to the youth/people. They are being blasted off to the stars. but not the right stars.



Breaking Down the Foundation

Its all here: they are breaking down the floor. the video starts with the stairway winding down. going into the underworld. as he goes down we see the crocodile which is the guardian and portal to the abyss/underworld/hell/chaos… Listen KEENLY to the words. The stars they will be counting are the upside down stars we become toward descent to the upside down underworld. Or what we call the death star at the under of the spiral.

It is from that under level or dimension that they are singing and exploding holes into the upper level and bringing the youth and the whole lot down to the under dimensions. the whole upside down anthem (like with Miley Cyrus…West etc etc): he sings: “…in my face is flashing signs: “seek it out and ye shall find”.


Upside Down Cross

U know when they start to recite the nazarene’s saying upside down that this is how they are drilling holes into this dimension(foundation) down for the youth and adults who live these lyrics subliminally.


He sings: “I don’t think the world is sold just doing what we’re told: I feel something so right doing the wrong things…”


This is the basic anthem of this “One republic” (pun is intended) and programming of the youth into opening up exactly what is shown here in the video as holes into the abyss or underworld. Where we find the crocodile which represents the portal into darkness. And we see the water trickling up from.


Death Star/s

it is amazing how clearly it is depicted here how they are doing this: via this whole program (of cutting off the shadow – going upside dow and moving toward the death upside down star as their “North” star)…


after the cutting off of the shadow comes the following of the the “signs” down to the under world/star. They show u missiles (music) being used to blast open the foundation and the water of the under cesspool/sewer dimension seeping into this dimension until that whole upper floor facilitated by false religion (in the video) putting people to sleep opening a whole portal to the underworld.


He sings: “…i feel something so wrong doing the right…everything that kills me makes me feel alive…”…


The closer we get to the death star the more culture becomes a death cult. It cannot get clearer…how the youth are being put t sleep and then lulled into the under world and placed under the influence of the death star and coaxed into a suicidal mode… everything is being and will be unveiled…



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