Passion of Christ Need A Sequel 1


How 2 Hide the Truth

U know the saying: The best lies are based on the truth. If u want to hide the truth: the best way is in plain sight.


The Baby

This is basically what happened with Jesus and the Church. Which started in truth around a real figure but which -by design- would be made corrupted. This was determined to be so from the very beginning. The Church which branded itself with Jesus after being fully corrupted would lead to a master move to get the people to: THROW OUT THE BABY


U need 2 understand that Oz plays a much more cunning game than u can fathom at Prima facie. If u look good after a short while they really inserted and started worshipping Peter Pan, an upside down version of but not Jeshua. Trust me the inverted version of Jeshua looks so much like him that the uninitiated eye will not notice that an imposter took over the role of the real saviour.

Be more sublime than that…put everything in context. Jeshua was not born on 25th of dec… thats their solar god…study their christ form good…it’s not The Nazarene. Like Marvel’s Superman…it’s not the real superhuman that J was. They branded it with the nazarene but who they really worshipped in that church was the same old Babylonian Christ. It’s all there for those not with eyes wide shut.


Upside Down

Understand, Satanism uses the cross too, only upside down. You need to understand enough depth psychology and real theology to understand how they use everything from the Real in an upside down way. So those who can still see will see that it (the message and prescription of the real Jeshua) is all there in the Bible still but much of it turned upside down. Too many witnessed this event to fully do as if it never happened. but like the Our Father prayer (see blog of mine on this), the turn the other cheek, the become back like children… based on truth but tweaked subtly to foster a split mind. So it was not hard at all to slip in an imposter there under the brand of Jesus, when no one was paying attention. This will obviously be to nuanced for black and white thinkers, but this is how subtle it is. Empire is not dumb.

All the major rituals used but wrong and upside down. for instance the real baptism is touching the shadow: not really being pushed under water… all J’s sayings were tweaked from day one; yet traces and the basis left to make it believable… obviously also the whole prophecy cause it would be used as a false flag..2 herald in the fake Christ @ the end time.

and for the Gnostics who try to tie him to Royal blood lines: HE HAD NO GIRLFRIEND. Remember Oz play a slick game…will not make it obvious 4 u… read between the lies… This is just the intro to more about this that might disturb ur mind right when u thought u had it all figured out but had let Oz prank u into: THROWING OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATH WATER.

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