Princess of Japan Refers 2 Shadow & Big Shift

The Princes is referring to touching the shadow as the way to purify ourselves in order to be ready for the shift ahead to a higher frequency also referred to as higher or 5th dimension here.

The Date is not 2012 but symbolises here what she is referring to as the big  transition we will soon be experiencing to another frequency/dimension. The same way touching the shadow is the crucial and first step to the higher dimension so is cutting it off fully to the lower one which I have often referred to as the bifurcation of the 2 time lines.


The Princess on Touching the Shadow 

Regarding the work to be ready for the next step, which I add is the beginning of the whole process, but is the crucial step which i call touching the shadow and which she refer’s to in terms of the conscience she says (@ 2:35 until 5:19):

We need to purify our spiritual condition. We can tell a lie to other people but we cannot tell a lie to ourself. That is the conscience, I would call. Each human being has that beautiful part of the creator in our soul. That is the eternal life we have inside. In order to purify our soul every 5 years since we were born we can take a look with that conscience how we are behaving…talking etc etc and all of these things can be clarified by looking at our life….up until now. This way each way we find we did something harmful to other people we can clarify and purify that. And each time we find it our heart expands…we can breath it very deeply and each time we have that experience all the darkness is going but all this golden light is coming into our heart that way we can see better and better…we still have some time till dec 2012….”

I add not only doing something hurtful to others but also how we have been hurt… Also that what she is calling heart we call the self. And also that 2012 was simply symbolical for the big shift which is up ahead.


Touching the Shadow as Real Immunity

We have been made to believe that the outer world has total control over us. School and science hammers this theory of causality in us from cradle to grave. That a virus will make us sick and that if we don’t eat we will die. Truth is that the less we over fill ourselves with external food be it junk or whole food, the more we are filled from within with the real light. This is another take on the practice of touching the shadow.

The real inner radiation which heals all on its path, not the external toxic one which kills everything on its path results as the Princess also refers to it above: to what happens when we touch the shadow. If our immune system is strong (we are full of inner light) due to this single/unity state of mind (which touching the shadow leads to); no bugs, viruses or any form of darkness can enter or infect us.


Innerstanding Eternity

The real challenge now is to wrap our minds around what we really are: which is a fractal of eternity (Self) which is part of a larger body of infinite possibilities. The time has come to not let any of the scare tactics regarding food/water shortages, viruses or any of the fear porn (terror-ism) the media is bent on pushing morning noon and night on our retina drive what we think anything external can do to us. The whole system is based on keeping u dependent on the external while u are hard wired from within to the tree of life. We connect to Self (the golden light) when touching the shadow which is a fruit on the tree of life and fed directly by its radiation (mana) when we are connected to Self. No form of darkness can inhabit u when that golden light is radiated through u from within.

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