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The Matrix

We are currently locked/dialled into in a state of awareness which can’t see what is really out there, beyond the sensorial filter. Some call it the Matrix. In physics it is what we call the particle state of energy. It is a state of mind and ‘matter’ in which u can’t have the pie and eat it. U are damned if u do and damned if u don’t. Everything in this framework is a tradeoff, which is why money and trade is its currency. This is the domain of mind where we will always end up being compensated by earth because of our greed. At this level we want to fix out there what is really inside us. It is where the split mind is stuck running circles around its own tail. The Matrix which is in the mind also keeps energy and thus us stuck in particle state or solid dense matter.


The Wave

This Matrix is in any case not what is really out there beyond the filter of the dense senses and deeper within. we know that what is really out there and within is the wave state of energy which is an unbounded state of energy also called land/domain of infinite possibilities. Inside us we refer to it as Self and it is in terms of Self that we learn to navigate the wave state of energy.

It is really what we refer to as quantum which is beyond all causal limitations as when we construe of earth as a planet; which is a projection of a self which experiences itself as a particle (cut off from real source). This is where all the green movements really go off beat because they construe of earth as a planet and thus finite/scarce resource. Which is the box economics remains stuck in. And as all theories this is a self fulfilling prophecy and they will generate all sorts of evidence to prove this theory. Waisting all of their precious time and resources to devise ways to maximise this finite resource while she is a wave and thus at that wave state all our current ideas of sustainability become totally obsolete.



We should be putting our time in getting to the Self which brings the upgrade to the wave state. The scientific revolution for that is consciousness not more of this split thinking which excludes the observer in which the fake green is embedded. This split self is bound to ten commandments (Tax) and telling others what to do. Its not bent on walking and sacrificing oneself. The Self is the wave state of mind and body and earth.

When we regain the outlook of Self it will be a spiritual/quantum/supernatural outlook where we will become like real 3d printers in the sense we will not leach off of earth as a resource but we will have regained our full create power. Yes we are not of flesh and blood according to a quantum energetic view. If we live in that view we will collapse the probability amplitude in this particle finite way and see the earth as finite.


Same Old Thinking in New Package

This vessel we are on we call earth is not a finite ‘resource’…she is infinite and not a resource. It is we who project our finiteness and illusion we are human resources on this star which is really photon light…quantum. This is why the whole green tec search for free energy movement is really operating under the false assumption of what we are and what earth is. And so everything that results from that is incomplete.

It is Newtonian and business driven (scarcity) and behaves as if the whole quantum scientific revolution passed it by. We should be preparing to live on a star and in quantum conditions, for which the Self is required as a true avatar (Ka body) instead of investing in the Newtonian idea of a Green Resource Planet. The earth is not a Planet or a physical body traveling through space, the earth is quantum-information (consciousness) and an energetic BEING. Energy and q-information…


Real Green


The green energy movement is just the logical consequence and opposite of an extremely greedy population who have used up the “planet” and now feel guilty about it… dressed in drag. Locked in this desert of illusions Buddhist attempt to wake up from…

Real spiritual traditions are all about consciousness and how to awaken from the matrix…not based on ‘fuelling’ a response to a wrong outlook (projection) which has conduced to a world which on the one hand worships money and amongst others on the other falls into extreme guilt trips in the form of a bi-polar green aftermath….

Both are still victim of the same old Newtonian thinking…and binaries which is all this split thinking can produce: like capitalism and communism… etc etc ad nauseum. In the end it all boils down to trade in the Matrix. The ‘real’ indigenous lived a quantum mytho-poetical/spiritual worldview… To them the planet was not a finite recourse but a living sacred symbol… The real green approach is not “owned” secretly by the very billionaires who have brought the planet they now want to save on the very brink of destruction… The real green speaks of consciousness not CO2 and Tax.


The Lesser Evil

The last 4 movies I’ve seen from Hollywood all use the lesser evil trick of taking the dark side and sub-dividing it into a better and bad lesser evil. The one which was most cartoonish was captain America, where they made it boil down to a good and a bad Nazi side at the deepest of the cesspool of secret organisations and services… supposed to protect humanity. I think people are awakening to what is fake and what is real…

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