Ruben Blades, Venezuela & The Shadow 2

This Answer of the great Ruben Blades to the President of Venezuela (link above) hits hard; among others to the die hard followers of Ruben himself. It is the equivalent of Bob Marley in his older age turning on all he ever stood/sang for. Yes Blades is of that level as Bob in the Latin American world. Bob’s ideology was different though. He tried to bring left and right together in Jamaica…to his own detriment. I have always been a little wary of being hijacked fully into one pole or the other (left-right). But have always seen that each side has a valid point given their point of view…but without the other (the opposite/shadow) becomes too extreme and this extreme view is unsustainable… as we see with the great Ruben Blades. When we espouse and sing too much against something it is often in us 2.


Binary Politics

This is why this binary model is untenable and is collapsing into its own footprint. When Ruben Blades turns capitalist and the US socialist… u know we are witnessing the collapse of this binary left-right paradigm… This is a powerful twist of THE socialist musical ideologue of latin america, but to me very symbolic of how the left right paradigm is really skin deep if u wish and not based on deep real self. Which does’t live double lives, doesn’t shape shift and flip flop to such extents, because it has achieved a union of these opposites inside…not a non-dual core but a contained core in self. Can’t be easily hijacked by outcomes and fleeting circumstances.


The Bi-polar self

The binary self (and system) at the surface of the onion will always swing and shape shift from one pole to the other extreme… depending on externals….trends…carrots and sticks. it is not based on the real individual (indivisible) level of self which is whole or not split in opposing poles… but embraces both sides.

Not bi-polarly or doing one and preaching the other. Not as an oxymoron (inconstantly or as a lie). Practices not an ideology but integrity…is one across situations…home or at work and today yesterday and tomorrow. We need to move beyond this left vs right model of mutually exclusive binaries by healing this split in ourself first.


Caught in Bubbles 

Time has come for a new approach beyond model…which is always external. one focussed on self, whole self which can contain these poles and not get hijacked into extremes of either side. At this point in Venezuela and those being sucked into the drama abroad, both poles have insulated themselves off hermetically within their own narratives (bubbles). One blames everything on the empire, the other looks down on the left as plebs and despots.

They have ceased listening to the other and thus to the other within (their own shadow). They are not listening anymore…  Either side needs no more cheerleaders but true mediation to listen to self within (shadow) and each other. Either alone in isolation of the opposite has become extremely one-sided…

They need to be set free, taken far away from the battle… The old binary model and self has reached its logical extreme. At all levels like a house of cards this split model is falling down… its good… Something new…more contained..more whole has to born on this planet. Get out of this old split model… Let go your heart and let go ur head…and feel it. Are we ready to turn this page… and forgive…


The meta-model: Making the Yin fully reject the Yang 


Look at the two poles right here. she literally mentions the 2 models @0:33 sec) which she says: one goes up and the other down. The latter she refers to as the communism/socialism of Chavez. The thing is she is right: one goes down and her side (opposition) goes up. one will go too down which is what socialism does. But the other will go too high which is what created the fertile ground for Chavez to take over for so long. Which is really the background of why Mario Vargas Llosa said that Latin America has a love affair with dictators and despots. For too much of that high for so long led to the incredible lopsided distribution of wealth and incredible corruption in Venezuela. One side stamps out dissent and the “high” and the opposite excludes the poor (low)…fuels unacceptable inequality. What is not seen here on both sides is that these 2 models are thus part and parcel of one overall bi-polar mental meta-model and how too much high will lead to a very long low. This is a binary split (mental) model of left versus right which has been sold to us and will never find rest and peace as long as is not realised that the two poles need each other (first within and than without) to provide balance. It is a model (the being hijacked to one pole and rejecting its opposite) which will by ripping minds & atoms apart, go onto rip nations apart and than the whole world. This is the same bi-polar model which we find globally replicated in the US & West versus the east & Russia. Neither “model” alone can provide a total solution because they form one whole…a pair of opposites. It is a yin yang thing. All the pitting off of one side against the opposite will do is create a borderline situation which will erupt sooner or later in a WWIII. We saw the same template in the Chavez – Bush confrontations in the UN: where both sides called the other the devil… (which was really their shadow). Its the same psychologically with the bi-polar problem. This bi-polar split toward extremes of resistance to the opposite leads to total insanity and collapse. The world is starting to enter a global psychotic episode… Just like there are some who can see this model from without it for what it is and try to bridge the poles… there are also those beyond the 2 poles who seem to profit from this model which is a generator of split and conflict… steer free from this mental war zone.


Yin-Yang all over again

If the yang is capitalism is yang and communism is yin, what does that mean?

They are codependent in the sense that they unconsciously sustain the other while they think they are fighting it. One is the “high” (yang) where the “I” (ego) is all important and self (individual) interest rules. and communism is where the “other” and group (interest) is paramount. Here we get the despot. The former: the narcissist. What we fail to see is that either pole alone toward extremes is very dangerous. so the whole thing is now pumped up to keep ripping the 2 apart inevitably steering the whole thing to a global conflict. while only together they can find balance. At this point it doesn’t help to fuel more conflict. This way toward ripping them more and more apart is a highway to the wrong side. Notice how easy it is to be sucked into this polarisation in terms of choosing 4 the left or the right…?? These now turning global left right conflicts are ripping the global mind apart in a very dangerous way.

so in this sense this political template is ripping not only nations, families…and persons apart, but also within the individual and globally it is splitting everything. also in terms of the inflated narcissistic side versus the Low social side. Look how the one leader (of opposition) is a Harvard graduate and the “high” side laughs and makes fun of Maduro saying he is Plebs and a simple bus driver. while the social side on their side shuns academics etc. they are really being mind controlled by this bi-polar mental mental model to hate each other.. yet what is happening is a wound is being created in Ven which will be practically implausible to bridge.


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