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Beyond Thinking

Here is where classical science gets stuck: We know that we can have multiple interpretations for any phenomenon. Where classical science can’t go is that ANY interpretation as such (theory), basically veils us from a/the deeper underlying reality (in the east considered: truth). That behind any interpretation hides the underlying fact (real reality): that we are basically one with what we are thinking ‘about’.




Thus what thinking really does is veil us from this underlying truth, because it itself enshrouds us in a sense of separateness. Yes the thinking itself does this. This fictitious sense of separateness turned commonplace, and declared as only reality in the west, is a by-product of thinking.

In touching the shadow (reflective or meditative practice) we are thinking about thinking itself, versus getting caught in the bubble of the thought (thinking) itself. Becoming caught in one interpretation versus relativizing the interpretation. ¬†This is why the eastern traditions of enlightenment speak of awakening versus finding the right theory or interpretation regarding something ‘out-there’ (external to the observer).


Inward gaze


They speak of the contrary of the archetype of Le Penseur or filling up the ‘head’/s with theories and thoughts. Like is the model of western education. They envision really meditating figures of Buddha showing us that the way to awaken from the mess is to unlearn (empty out from) all theories (which are all limiting beliefs bound to finite space & time), to go between the thoughts (theories) and awaken to this fact of underlying oneness (quantum entanglement) in the Now. And thus awaken the ‘genie’ (Spirit/quantum Self) in that bottle/box of illusion of separateness and limitation. Any form of colouring in, interpreting or theorising is no matter what, prejudice because underlying real reality is infinite possibilities.


The Real Experience (not theory of) of Everything

There can be no “theory” for real miracle cause it is everything. For I am part of everything and theories (thoughts/thinking) exclude the observer. Awareness includes the observer. The Self is the fractal and a little whole of everything. And so reaching the Self we enter the Fractal or the everything from within…we become the infinite. Experience it first-handed.



What we find thus is that before we were locked into one interpretation (x-treme dogma)… not knowing it was ‘an’ interpretation. Than we realised it was only an interpretation and that there are many possible interpretations (post modernism). Now we see that the interpretation says more about the observer than reality and via this self-reflection we remove them from know veiling us to a deeper hidden dimension.


Self-similarity is Self Awareness

This deeper landscape of mind, thinking veils us from, is the fractal dimension. Yet from the inside this is the level of consciousness when we reach/become Self where the illusion or veil of space time is removed and we enter the domain where we experience our deep oneness/connectivity with everything. The essence of fractal dynamics is self similarity and quantum entanglement. Space and time are revealed as being illusions. Space time is the desert of illusions in Buddhism. In Self we awaken to Nirvana the ecstasy of the experience of deeper connectivity.


In terms of inner standing; ‘entering’ this fractal domain is experiencing that everything is connected to everything or that I am immediately one with everything:¬†participation mystique. A return to pre-fall oneness but now self aware.

This is the dimension the Selves live in. The Self is found after the washing of touching the shadow and sustained self-reflection, which is who inhabits this real “New World”. This fractality is experienced first-handed in terms of synchroncities when we start connecting to Self, the Goal on the path called Individuation in depth psychology.




I AM Fractal

So what in chaos and complexity, new mathematics, new geometry etc. is found from the outside as fractals (understanding), in Jungian psychology in terms of the Self (The Archetype or Fractal itself) is innerstood or experienced from the inside. Abundance of synchronicities are symptomatic we are entering this via Self, this new unlimited space-time. Synchronicities are moments in which this healing oneness or connectivity beyond space and time is touched in terms of first hand experience. The Self lives a synchronistic life. This opens a whole new stage of exploration, Jung left to us, in this fractal domain he discovered as the collective unconscious. We have ever since been exploring this domain in terms of shared dreaming and synchronicity.


In this sense we are taking here a step beyond interpretation in the sense of theory and via the reflective/meditative practice of touching the shadow; seeing interpretations as projections of the observer. The focus now is awareness of the observer or the self. Via “containing” these projections ¬†(psychological superposition), we indwell into this wave state of self where we experience this fractal dimension directly.

So I am suggesting that this fractal phenomenon (really noumenon), found as a visual phenomenon in new mathematics, is this wave state/dimension of oneness (the collective unconscious) in depth psychology. And thus via individuation we can enter this dimension for real.

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