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Our monthly evening meetings will start shortly again! The meetings are aimed at those who are able able to attend evening sessions & afford the time for valuable group sessions where you can get tips & info concerning the work of Dimitri Halley. So if you have the time make sure not to miss out on this special opportunity to get information on psychology in a different, less formal setting.

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While working at the IPA for 5 years Dimitri Halley Center developed a curriculum based on applying self-consciousness and self-awareness programs specially geared to the teacher development in the classroom. Too often the teacher learns all kinds of theories and skills of what to do to the child/student but not enough of how to work on and develop self. Often deep seated unresolved issues block the teacher from engaging in true learning relationships with students. Our teachers are very important and we provide a special program to aid the teachers to be better equipped to deal with self in the context of student, class room amidst old & new challenges faced.

What is Teacher Care?

We facilitate students together with their teacher. Topics: change of ways, love and the virtues. And what stops us from doing these things. We do several things for schools: nascholing coaching and begeleiding van leerkrachten to prevent burn out and personal development. Our teachers have a lot to deal with within the classroom. They are really the basis of the education system. Often their personal development is heavily overlooked. The focus remains on teaching them to do things to the students. But if the teacher isn’t exposed to real deep personal development and personally in a good state they can often do more harm to themselves and their students than good. To this end our center provides not only counseling for teachers in the context of supervision but also our signature rave reviewed modules and courses:

“Self-awareness and Self responsibility as a Tool for Personal and Professional growth”

“Therapeutic Self Care”

Our services provides tools for growth for the teacher to prevent burn-out, to manage stress, to better facilitate the kids because self is okay, and this all is centered around the main goal and philosophy of helping the teacher as an individual. Only when the teacher feels better as an individual, the whole classroom can truly improve. Till now this aspect of the development of the teacher themselves has been heavily overlooked.


We look at organizational issues from  a clinical-organizational perspective. Our method of reorganization of reorganization is unique in that whereas classically organization development programs focus on defining tasks, processes and procedures etc…we translate the desired situations in terms of people. This includes the basic target state that all organization theories hint at as being the gold/goal (comparable to the Zone in sports). In our programs only the person can be brought to it, not by doing anything to anything or anyone outside of the person. So it is competency based but in a deep sense of developing the players of the organization.

We provide an extensive array of programs and activities for your company ranging from team building workshops, motivational workshops to dealing with addiction problems on the work floor, sexual harassment, etc.

  • Workshops, Intensives and Coaching & Counseling for pensionados (gepensioeneerden).
  • Sects program people. Lectures/talks for group. And deprogramming for this target group.
  • Addiction services

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