Smile or Die vs Scientific Materialism 2

In this video we find again another version of opposites projecting their shadow on the other. both (the positive thinking pole the speaker is criticising and the side doing the criticising) are terribly lobsided. mandatory optimism and cheerfulness versus classic science determinism (logical positivism). i research cases where one can catch both sides of extremes heavily projecting on the other, in one shot.


Everything is Awesome

At one extreme we find the doctrine of smile or die presented somewhat accurately in above video. And represented well in the following video:

Yet as we see in the first video the reductionistic scientific view goes to the other extreme of scientific fundamentalism and collectivism, versus at the opposite extreme a kind of cheerleading and platonic doctrine that positive thinking of the individual will change everything. The one is total new Age bliss out (ignorance is bliss) cheerleading, while the other (the lady giving the lecture) is/represents so-called scientific realism/materialism and reductionism which totally excludes the role of thinking and mind/observer.


The Atheist looks a lot like the theist 

It’s like the atheist and the theist. They love to pick on each other because they are exactly alike in the opposite sense. The one misuses quantum physics like in The Secret… the other scientific determinism (the speaker/point of view the video represents) here also fully misconstrues quantum physics. not understanding (due to its reductionistic materialism) that toward the deeper layers of the mind psyche and sub atomic physics interface.

Whereas the new age is hijacked to the individual ego pole… this other…lets itself be hijacked fully to the other pole where only the collective (N size) and the external/material is dogma. We see here the same polarisation as with the political left and right which underlies the sad fall apart of Venezuela and so many other nations. Again here we find two traditions not being able to contain the centre but becoming a victim of the incontinence of their shadow due to which they are pulled toward the extremes…


The Incontinent Mind 

The mind has extreme difficulty with containing centre and not letting itself be hijacked toward one extreme and resisting its opposite or shadow within and rejecting it outside of itself. As we are witnessing worldwide, this problem is fuelling conflict in so many countries. This problem of polarisation causing great rifts is what will ultimately bring everything down if we asap don’t achieve some level of mental and shadow continence.


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