Stand with Earth and She will stand by u! 1

Listen closely to this video:
The problem with Green and Earth is the mind or psyche.
Not what we keep talking about and projecting outward.
WE are, more accurately, this split psyche now the OS on earth) is the big danger for earth. If the work of reflection is not done all u will get is extreme hypocrisy because the mind will remain split and thus false. Jekyll and Hyde. On the one hand preaching the right things (and even this hardly) and on the other doing the exact opposite. To save this planet we need this psychological work done on ourselves. U see it urself that with the advance of tech all we see is a degeneration of behaviour, to the point where nothing on this earth is seen anymore as sacred. Human and earth degenerated to objects to use-up and dump.
We are the problem on the planet. We must change. There must be a change in the self and the mental state in order to be able to live again with the earth as someone sacred. The continuing to rob her bones which is her minerals is killing her. If u stand for her now she will stand with u. Do not go anymore to the western tech advanced nations for advice regarding earth. We need to now consult with the indigenous elders who see her as sacred. The western materialistic nations are addicts on her oil and her creations. and have now targeted her to turn her into a Barren Mars. Her beautiful animals, forests, minerals….her mysteries are desecrated and are destroyed for material/pleasure gain. The western person (we), have become vampires and zombies.These nations have already been wedded to an off planet dystopia vision as only solution for raping and destroying the whole earth. We have done to her what we have done to the woman and female in general. Objectified, used up, desecrated, disrespected, hurt…. Don’t go for advice regarding matters which will continue the vampiricism off of her by nations who preach green but continue to frack and now in the most precious spot of earth. U cannot be green to the earth if u are totally ungreen with urself and ur won body. We need to change. the earth will do fine on her own without the leaching. The only green work now is the shadow work to become a less false and hypocritical human being and race:
“If not more people try to reflect and take back their projections
and take the opposites within themselves,
there will be a total destruction”
~ Marie-Louise von Franz


Stand with Earth and She will stand by u!


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