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Blast off society


EFT (Tapping) & Matrix Reimprinting: Mind Technology of Oblivion


I’ve been asked to give my opinion, on these 2 techniques. I’ve have already discussed this, but in short.

EFT (also referred to as Tapping) stands for emotional freedom techniques, and freedom here is from so-called negative thoughts. It is a tool to overcome negative beliefs/emotions/thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Matrix Reimprinting rewrites ur past. They both have similarities with the movie Oblivion. An amnesic society where no one remembers their past anymore which has been replaced with fake more “blissful” content.


The so called negative feelings and memories are conscience talking to us or pain coming back to be mourned. Real healing the self healing mind applies to itself. The real wonderful feeling we looking for is what i call the golden feeling when there’s no more resistance in ourself to ourself. Cutting off negative feelings is cutting off and resisting parts of ourself and is thus self aggression. All the real Law and source wants is to is to accept all of ourselves. To have compassion and unconditional love for all parts of ourselves. Not to cut them off with these swords or techniques of oblivion.


Cutting Off Memories: The Blast off Society

I’ve often spoken of this as the blissing-out happening here at mass scale on the planet as a means of blasting off the planet to not have to deal with the natural gravity of being on earth. The latter reminds of the movie Total Recall where the past is replaced with a whole new program. It should not surprise that the latter was developed by an Engineer with War vets to help them re-imprint traumatic memories with nice ones. It is always traumatic for me to see engineers developing tools for the mind. This cutting off of the memories and reimplanting new ones os going more and more into this oblivion sic-fi time line which eventually merges with aliens because it disconnects from nature which is the law of opposites.


We know war Vets turn both after in during the war heavily suicidal. Both the soldier training and during the training they are heavily mind controlled and medicated to cut off normal emotions which would be considered the negative emotions which would get in the way of killing. Now also at the end of the trajectory this tool is developed and used on them to re-delete the memories which come back as a means to heal the person from the trauma itself.


Engineers of the Mind: The Emergence of the GMO self 

We have seen with GMO what happens when the machine metaphor is applied to nature. Well this technology of the mind is the equivalent and the GMO-ing of the mind/soul. Its very painful to see engineers step into mental care, cause they inevitably manipulate it like a machine. They will inevitably use the computer metaphor and things that u should delete and re-delete traumatic memories. It is painful but the true care of the soul regarding trauma is the exact inverse of this cutting off of the negative for the positive. It involves remembering and takes real time and cannot be a quick fix feel good solution like the current mental “care” features. The tapping of the meridians to change negative emotions is a typical malpractice of eastern ideas again.


What this reprogramming via cutting off and replacing with happy thoughts is what we see in the movies of everything is awesome and in the movie Oblivion and total recall and is really the equivalent of what is called Limbo. Sending people into limbo.


The only way to really heal is by touching the shadow or these cut off memories and readmitting them to us. This is what the cross really means in Christianity. This cutting off I have for more than 15 years been saying is cutting off of the repressed memories and is the highway to the underworld.


Don’t Worry to Be Happy: Be Awake!

Don’t worry/try to be happy which entails avoiding sadness, just remain awake. Happiness and sadness form an inseparable pair. If u cut off the sadness for happy thoughts u are splitting this pair which is the atom. The real Law which we were taught at the beginning if this Aion and which was to replace the vengeful old testament 10 commandments was this touching the shadow or uniting of the opposites. This is the true Law which has now been replaced with the antiLaw of splitting of the opposites. This is how we know in science: by splitting apart the atom, splitting apart reality in variables. This splitting is a control system and so mind control when applied to the mind when we split off the negative to replace with this fake happy from without. We need to keep it real and stay in superposition between the extremes of one pole rejecting the opposite. When we cut off the shadow we fall asleep, the eyes close/ When we unite them we awaken. This is why when we project we loose all choice and really fall into a state of will less oblivion or limbo. Because when we project, it is our shadow we are projecting and so cutting off, as these techniques are teaching us and making us do. If u want to be raptured toward lower dimension beyond limbo into the underworld than one must practice this fission and cut off law but one must know what this is really doing to make that choice.


The Law: and Unconsciousness of It

Choose change before u have to. This is what the law of compensation really entails. I had a dream the other night regarding that most don’t know they are violating the law which is to not cut off the opposites. Because it creates compensation which we nowadays call disease. Notice how all our laws and techniques are based on rejecting the opposite. This is the point we start to fully let go from the nuclear core of the planet which is where source of all abodes. This is the point where the outer layer of the of reality will be shed.

In the dream I Was on a table with 4 others: two 2 the left and 2 to the right., and say to them: “Until we know “The Law” its not really counting, but from when we know it the clock is ticking. Thats when its important.”

It is imperative now for people to know the Law. We are approaching a huge compensation of a system which has been in great repression of its shadow and those not opening for the return of the shadow in memories will not stand this great healing which is upon us.


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