The body can stop smoking, while the mind continues smoking

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Psychological Blindness


We are living in a psychological illiterate world, which at a very high ‘real’ cost lacks psycho-vision. We are really experiencing the mind when the body hurts. studying and tending to the body as separate from the mind is medieval. its when the “common” sense, which is in quantum level or what we call unconscious mind and chakra, is blocked that that area in the “temple”, where consciousness abodes, congests in sinus and headache problems. Yes, both left and right are materialists. Its the same with money: we talk about debts while it is people making the debts. We are caught in a state of blindness to self always gazing outward for problem and pleasure…blame and fame.


Debt is a Financial Addiction…


People in financial crisis need to seek and be in therapy…not wars or predator cuts in budgets. My god…its about people… yet this system looks only at the system… Its like giving a mother life in prison for leaving her baby home alone to die. She needs therapy…real help…

Spending too much money as nations and governments is the same form of addiction that shopping is. Its an addiction the same way corruption and “robbing” money in sophisticated financial and fiscal ways is a mental disease: kleptomania. These are Kleptomaniacs in suits catering to addicted populaces.

The top needs mental help. An addict cannot lead an addict. We fix external symptoms but the very origin which is always the mind remains diseased…addicted. We stop smoking physically but the mind remains addicted.


Apocalypse is a Visitation/Evaluation from the Unconscious


It is just a matter of time now that a point will be reached of masking the gaping, now deeply cancerous wound with numbing/masking the pain (signal) that a full compensation by what is concealed will fully bring the whole house of cards down. The mental problem underlying this western culture which is sick to the bone marrow is not being attended to. It has filled prisons and asylums to the point of almost fully locking up itself. The western world has no inwardness…no self reflection. Its gaze is locked outside itself. God spare this culture totally blind to itself, always seeking to ‘fix’ the external system/other…at extremes with radiation and bombs….but never never itself…

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