The Dire State of World is being Brought on2 us by Ourselves



The state of the world is dire. The difference now is… this is being brought onto us (humans) by ourselves.


Obviously this economic disparity and extreme inequality in this picture, where to see 22 men run behind a ball is invested billions while millions starve next to this ballgame, is extremely real and evil. But it will not be solved by global socialism nor by more capitalism. People are the problem… Everything coming out of split minds will be split. Like political ideologies based on pitting left against right. There’s no real plan to fix people’s minds at this point. This pic is a reflection of a mental split. Each and every individual inheres this split represented here on this pic. This is why we are replicating it on a global scale as in this picture. In this sense it is a perfect snap shot of the current structure and state of the mind.


Economic development, less CO2 and/or depopulation etc etc will not fix this. Each individual has to undergo a deep process of defragmenting the mind in order to reach a critical mass to start to change global extremely split consciousness. Hegelian’s are trying to use this very real economic inequality showcased by the media in the world cup to usher in a very unreal or fake solution of some global socialism. But it is this mental split which is what is generating all of the symptoms we are fighting thus from without. And calling for a global socialism is ironically more of the same fake left right paradigm which has divided the minds in the first place.

A national Youth health survey under schools (locally) pointed out that the biggest problem was mental health. This replicates consistantly globally. Yet what this really means is represented as the split seen in this picture. And still the main approach to mental health or this split is legal drugs (called erroneously) therapy which as with our political model mentioned above only aggravates the problem. The Rx drug approach to the mental problem (which is its being split) is ironically itself splitting the mind while it is supposed to cure it from this split. It is very much like the way we treat cancer with radiation which we know itself gives cancer. Or how our GMO “food” creates autism… Anything thuds split mind touches gets split and sick.


Mirror Mirror

This split referred to above seemingly creates a from of consciousness which makes it increasingly hard to self reflect and thus realize that it uses the very causes of problems to attend to theses very problems. At this point it has become increasingly clear that we have become the very cause of all our problems and diseases but severely lack the ability to self reflect on ourselves and our approaches and thinking form and so we keep treating our diseases and problems with more of the very things that create and perpetuate these problems.

The problem lies in our way and approach to knowing. I am next to a psychologist also a philosopher of science. We are caught in paradigms. The core problem with/of paradigms = that it can question things within it (its purview) but not itself, or thus it can’t question its own own POV (point of view). 100 years from now we will look back and be amazed at how primitive we are now.

The myth really represent ourselves but this is not how far we are yet in reading things, like how we fail to see that Sleeping Beauty which is put to sleep by Maleficent (the dark step mother which can’t look in the mirror) really represents how we are in a sleep of sorts. Equally there’s a Greek myth of a┬árace or class of one (1) eyed beings. That they had descended to a very low level. Like with sleeping beauty people get shocked when I say that this story and race is us. The problem and cause of this blindness to self is the problem of the rejection of the shadow which started with the exclusion of the woman by the church.



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