The Medical System is in the Business of Trade of Symptoms 1

The current medical system’s approach is in the business of a trade of symptoms. Given that it is the symptom that is removed but not the underlying dis-ease; the underlying dis-ease will simply have to look for another channel and area to surface in.
Body is expressing how we experience reality
We know now that the deeper layers of the body, toward field-like and quantum levels, are more mind like than dense physical/material. Nowadays house doctors refer to it as stress. So in terms of stress and Bruce Lipton’s Biology of belief: what we call symptoms is the way the body is reacting to the way we perceive (interpret) the world.
Yeast Infection
An example of the trade of symptoms is found in the yeast infection so many women suffer from. Anti-yeast medication removes the yeast infection, but leads to -> urinary infection. Than the urinary infection is treated with antibiotics which removes the urinary infection but due to which the yeast infection returns.
Side effects are really consequences 
We see this same trade of symptoms for instance when we see the frightening list of so called “side-effects” mentioned on adds for instance for antidepressants… which are often much longer than the symptoms themselves and much worse often. These are not only not side-effects, but consequences and thus also the symptoms which are traded for the ones being removed or repressed.
Underlying field of dis-ease
The underlying field of the denser level of the body (below cells and molecules…) and thus which underlies the symptoms is among other mental and specifically the level of stress which remains untouched with an approach of only symptom removal which is as argued really symptom trade.
House doctors attest to this daily when they nowadays relate almost all symptoms to stress reactions. But they don’t know enough psychology (specifically of the unconscious) to understand what stress itself is.
Black Box
The Psychological roots of stress and thus disease remains a black box for modern reductionistic medical practice.
The essence of stress is psychological and based on the proportion between the conscious and unconscious. It is only dreams which can really show us what is the war and conflict going on in the unconscious and thus underlying the physical symptoms. I have seen touching the shadow lead to ease in this underlying field and also lead to a disappearance of cancer cells.
It is obvious that above mentioned approach of a suppression and trade of symptoms will only underly and fuel an ever greater proliferation of symptoms of an ever increasing tension in the underlying field or mind. The real disease is not being treated. In this situation healthcare insurances will never be able to carry the medical costs of a population in which there’s an ever increasing moral decay and mental disease.
It’s i believe 4 a large part a case of blissful ignorance: being just afraid of something it can’t understand.

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