The Painful Truth about The Truth: is YOU! 79



The Big Test

The big test humanity is faced now is distinguishing the TRUE (natural) from the FAKE (lie). Even if u were to be served the truth on a silver platter u would not be able to process it. This is because the whole surrounding is mimicking the lie and everybody is involved. Whole families bury deadly secrets including the victims (unconsciously)… The whole church conspired in what has surfaced now in terms of sexual abuse of children. A whole system on both sides is involved in the secret…if not the shadow could not remain buried for so long. Truth is a double edged sword.


Candy Man…Sugar daddy

This is why we can get away with child abuse, and the level of punishment we now see world wide for child sexual abuse. Because we give them candy and lollypops. Its really insult upon injury for the victim or what we call coloqually  a mind scr.. cause u are programmed to dissociate from this incoming terribly disruptive info with looking for happy, times, happy places, feel good solutions.

Not only the perpetuator but especially the victim of the abuse will a hundredfold prefer to minimise, externalise and not want to see what really happened or is happening. The painful aspect of truth is that the victim will become the biggest conspirer for it ultimately not to come out.


The Real Concealment is Inner

there’s an aspect with truth in which no amount of external facts will suffice. There’s an inner component of integratedness and courage which has to be present because the coming to light of things which were deeply concealed will disrupt the whole economy of the mind and inevitably implicate also the knower (truther). Toward the apex of the quest of the Shaolin marshall artist he has to see that he was his own biggest enemy and that that ultimate dragon he was fighting is he himself. This is the stage in truthing which is hardest. cause it’s not just the slaughterer of the cows but we are the demand of that supply. The conspiracy theorist will not avoid ending up by himself as part of the conspiracy.


Denial is the ultimate Inner Conspiracy

Are u ready to become (also) a conspiracy theorist also of urself. That u are suppressing the truth of ur own tacit involvement in ur own self-suppression? That we sedate Orca’s in Sea-world because we are also sedating ourselves to not have to sea the invisible bars our mind is behind?

The inner component of denial makes it simply impossible to wrap ones mind around the dry facts. In this sense the masters (without and within) of mind control knew only too well that the bigger the lie the easier it will be to believe. Denial is the only way the ego can “protect” itself from realising the huge consequences of when the shadow or the truth erupts out of the cesspool. This is to shed light on the fact that the victim will also be heavily invested in keeping the truth concealed.

And that’s where it gets tricky because there are many denial related defence mechanisms which will so-called admit something for instance but will either minimise or externalise; i.e., for instance will blame others and external forces and not see ones own involvement. Much healing of the mind and soul has to take place first before we are able to accept truth and expose the lie really. There’s another little conspirator hiding also in the head of the conspiracy theorist.


Stuck in Reverse

The search for people and things to blame becomes ever more frantic the closer we get to the double edged sword of the truth. The archetypal victim is an absolute expert in spinning, twisting and making others carry the heft. not seeing that that is how we remain self-imprisoned. Neither side will come out clean from this dog fight.

So as with everything with the inside out mind (see prior blog for description of the inside out mind); it thinks truth is fully an external affair but sees not that it is s/he that has to do much inner work before truth can be seen from within.


We must first awaken to see the truth

It will not be easy to feel our way through the darkness (the lie/the Fake). We are caught in a psychological dream. all the external facts will pass us by if we don’t open up our inner eyes. we need to wake up to see truth, not the other way around. Not first facts to than wake up. When u wake up everything will show itself. We must first find Self. until we find self we will not know we were/are lost. WE must also wake up if we want to see the lie. ur own awakening will start with u trying to awaken others. But like the sedated Orca and slaughtered cow u are looking at urself. First become the truth… if not everything will remain external… just theories…


note: this is a rough draft.

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