The Problem with Intelligence and AI

The fundamental problem with the word and concept of intelligence is that it strives toward a high. This means it by definition is a negation of an opposite… inherently split. It strives to submit, control, conquer. This is why it can be fathomed as a high versus a low IQ. emotion is exactly the opposite…the qualitative…it connects to… It is the feminine. which is why to use the idea of an EQ is a contradiction. Emotional Intelligence is an oxymoron. Intelligence is by definition emotionally flat. The union of the 2 leads to something else. Consciousness is about wholeness and thus embracing these 2 opposites. Therefore there’s no way we can construe of a conscious intelligence. This is the product of cutting off the feminine. This is again a Oz world play Like voluntary taxation. And thus this is also why by definition a group intelligence will always become artificial (AI) and never conscious…because there’s no individuality possible in a group intelligence. Consciousness is linked to awareness…and what we call the collective unconscious and never to Intelligence alone. This is because intelligence is already the product of the excising of the shadow (emotions). If anything consciousness means the end of intelligence and the birth of Wisdom…which has a heart and a conscience! She is called sophia. Conscious intelligence is really alluding to a kind of artificial Intelligence…mainframe…Matrix style Architect. But as ^^ intelligence by its very nature cannot be conscious in the real sense of the world. The idea of conscious intelligence is really an offshoot of the AI and ‘computing’ approach and people where engineers…etc fathom the idea of a deus ex machina…: a kind of machine god or god in the machine. Even Stephan Hawking himself has lately spoken out on the misnomer that AI will ever be conscious…

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