Time is Ending Cause New Earth is Birthing 1



If earth is a resource to u, u are heading to the dark city. where not only banks and governments leach off of people and, earth. u are becoming a virus to earth. yes a virus is not only out there, it is a symbol of this anti self with no inner real light. in the dark city the self archetype is the alien parasite. this is why the dark city, which has set up camp on earth, is fully barren and gmo synthetic.

In the dark city they cannot procreate nor regenerate and so they have to leach off of others. The leaches and parasites feel they do this cause they have no option. that they have to leach off of children and babies sexually because they cannot survive otherwise. but there is an option and that is to become a real true being.



If ur trying to save the planet cause she is a resource ur efforts will never be sustainable. Thats the fake green movement. It has to be out of love. Real sustainability cannot be forced by fear porn of global government for global climate change. Nothing u do not out of love for that thing in and of itself is real and will last. anything u do from the outside driven by fight or flight is synthetic. This is why all those machine driven “utopias” of a green ‘sustainable’ earth are really anti nature. Fear is a fake basis, only when we see her glory and splendour will we truly cherish her like the precious stone she is. The virus will not be able to stand new earth nor true Self. They are mounting their last attempt to keep u in fear and anger and racism and hating women. Zone in from this Vision they Are Telling u.



She is hidden behind the illusion that we are locked in. There can be no time without space. And space is an illusory product of the observation problem. This is why when we awaken from the delusion of the observer and observed, i.e., sense of separateness, time ends. Have no fear, time must end for eternity to start.

Time ending is happening both ways. By zoning IN to all-one but also by the zone OUT of the New Age into one with all. The bliss-out by ignorance or cutting off of the shadow. Don’t leave ur body, its all about sense of self. This spacing out outer space program just means a loss of sense of self/earth. This is why we see the bliss out time line envisioning inter dimensional travel (the collective version of the out of body experience) and their christ as being an alien.



This is what is meant with collectively with the end of time or that time is ending. Many are dreaming with this now. And the dreams show the wave function and what is loaded in the collective unconscious or the probability amplitude. Time is ending. The collective unconscious on both sides is now loaded with dimensional travel and opening of portals.



Free has nothing to do with not costing anything in monetary sense. Thats only so in the synthetic world generated by observation. The Now is the only free…everything else u have to do something to get something.



As we refer to real time, it is only what is happening in the now that is real and raw. Everything else is projection and imprisoning us in time.

As Long as you are looking outside 4 something you r lost. The seeker is looking for solution that s/he herself is. This is why the now is the only free, cause only in now u are in self.



Bask in the Now which is the glory and splendour of god. No-thing separate from u is real and yet u are all one. No-thing, it is a field of which u are at its centre. Thats the only real. Time is not ending as such it is ending because the real is awakening to it as illusion. All fake and plastic is ending and melting at the return of the real light. Time and space has been pulled over ur eyes in the form of the observation problem, to hide u from urself. U are the new earth beyond sensing it as something outside of u, as a planet. thats perhaps the biggest illusion. The earth is not some planet we can leave… look for another rome. Thats the delusion of the virus mind.

U, ur true core is the biggest secret, not reptilians. They have always been around. No, u are it because that core of you lives outside of limited space time which is the synthetic illusion of Saturn (time), we are now waking up from… to a fully raw new earth..in ourselves… u see this one we will not feel as out there…

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One thought on “Time is Ending Cause New Earth is Birthing

  • Irene Cosgrove

    Appreciating the conduit of self in which I travel.Flesh recieving the breeze of free cognition. I remember, I Am the alignment of True Self carried forward by seeing the illusion of time as a cosmic play,simultaneously,in order to do good works. To go beyond was not my goal,va “distant” intuitive “memory” aks ,why realize to dissolve into nothing?