Touching the Shadow is confronting the Truth about Ourselves 43


A Global Near Death Experience

Touching the shadow is confronting the truth about ourselves. Therapy is when we do this consciously and willfully. This is not only what happens in therapy but it must happen to balance us. If not we go into self destruction and self extinction. The shadow work with the dreams is the same thing that happens by near death experiences or at death when we get a panoramic life review where we have to revisit all the trauma sites in our lives…and that is on both sides of the abuse. And it is at the point of going to the next stage collectively and globally that an induced panoramic life review is occurring world wide. It is something we have to go through. This is what the last Judgement really is. It is by the Self.


Consumerism is inherently Irresponsible

Like the slave labor based Prawn industry (see vid. below), it is we the consumers who are a pivotal link (demand) in the chain of abuse. This is why the whole consumer driven economy is inherently problematic. Cause one can easily opt to remain “blind” to what ur demand is based on… what is really going into it etc. Its irresponsible to be a consumer. Or thus for instance to rely totally on others to provide our food… schooling etc etc etc.


Waking Up

Yes these industries like the meat industry, industrial war industry, GMO, Prawn…down to Worldcup…Church…will hide as much as possibly what is really going on and how u are being made the key accomplice in these/their crimes by supporting them or consuming their products.

As so often discussed we are in a kind of sleep which means blind to our role in what we are creating and enabling in our lives. So waking up will simply mean becoming aware of our role in what we live, consume, think, vote etc etc. So now it is up to us to stop these crimes….everything boils down to the decision of the individual to buy or not buy.


There’s Still Some Time

There’s still time before the whole world is made to walk in the shoes of these animals and slaves etc etc and what we are all doing to them… The/ur unconscious knows what u are doing, whether u r aware of it and what not. We know what we do even if we hide it from our conscious level of the mind. The unconscious and shadow works in terms of applied compassion: where we will be made to walk in the shoes of these human and animal slaves…and not as punishment but as healing. Those who choose 2 touch the shadow will experience the same ‘righteous wrath’ of the shadow as healing and redemption.

The earthquakes, volcano’s, floods, etc etc is everything coming up which we will not be able to keep down anymore… is the planet healing herself and us…based on what we fail to see in ourself.


Prawn based Slavery and everybody’s In

This world can no longer hide from itself. Yes all these huge retailers, supermarket chains from wall mart on and on, float on human trafficking and slave labor, the debauchery of the Vatican, Royal Shell’s Ecocidal crimes…, and yes all (have to) collude at the highest levels to make this happen. Yes the whole system is morally broke. No credibility anymore…maybe even a ghost system dead in terms of soulless. But here’s the real most painful part of it: The top 4 global retailers (Walmart, TESCO….COSTCO etc…) all declined to be interviewed regarding slavery in their supply chain. One (only one) of the major purchasers (of the produce) of the slave labor could face the camera because everybody is profiting from it. The video doesn’t go to this level of depth but he does say something which does: “he says: “the more we find out the more uncomfortable we become.” He says: no doubt “commercial interests” have created this problem. It will be the commercial aspect of the industry that the solution will have to come from. He says: big supermarkets will have to pay to get slave labor out of the supply chain.” But the yet most uncomfortable part of the mirror here of this commercial interest is the consumer demand of this slavery: it will be very hard for the consumer (WE) to see what we create and sustain here. The CEO is just the hired gun of the consumers. We the consumers pay his salary. Do u c whose mirror this is?

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