U not Jealous Because S/He Fooling Around, S/He Fooling Around Because U Jealous


The mind is currently like a t-shirt worn inside out. Turning it back outside in changes everything. You are not jealous because s/he is fooling around, s/he is fooling around because you are jealous.

We still remain completely oblivious that our thoughts and thus what we think we are seeing are not reflections of things in the world but really what we are busy creating. If I see and am afraid that others are going to amass nuclear weapons and use them on me…and try to “prevent/pre-empt this: this is what I am unconsciously going to make happen…

If I am jealous of my partner and feel they are going to leave me foe another…I am really pushing him/her to like someone else… u c u will behave in agreement to what u think u are seeing out there. If I am in my self talk saying how “my body” is this or that … weak because of this or that… through stress or aging; “it” can’t deal with this…or (becoming) sick about that … aging etc .. This is what I am investing in and thus creating… These thoughts … are really interpretations which is how we CREATE reality. They are all really intentions and tacit creations: a projection is a project….. there’s no way to neatly separate your thoughts (cognitions) from the other… body or the world out there.

The physician is unconsciously convincing u u have no connection with your disease… the whole cult of the modern world conspires to convince u u are separate from the world… the whole world is stuck in cognition (in the thoughts) while only in pre-cogntition (before thought/s) we can really “look” at them instead of powering them into creation by blaming the other for them….

This inside out living has caught us in apocalyptic self fulfilling prophecy.

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