This is not a simile. When u a driven from outside u are in the Matrix. It really exists. But this is an innerstanding of unplugging. When u define urself via comparison or benchmarking u are on ur way to being a good copy of something else, while only a real self cannot be plugged into the Matrix. At best the benchmarking, referencing, observation and comparison approach will make one into a good follower of a trend. You will be eventually fully fed by something external and fully feed it too. Comparing is our basis for measuring and if comparing is illusory than measurement or sensorial reality is not real. Only true sense (transcendent function) or intuition can experience true reality off the fake digital matrix.

Comparing doesn’t lead to being real and who u really are. The biggest mistake in the whole universe is to compare things to each other. Imagine that this is how current reductionistic science generates its “knowledge”, by comparing things and people etc. All comparative process is external and violates the true noumemous nature of everything; everything is unique.


Standardised Testing = Farming

This is why standardised testing and the graded system is such a sin. We have adopted a system, god knows from where it comes really, which is one big road to a dead end. A farming system which doesn’t cultivate but farms by seeking to control by comparing. Every one is unique and individual. Organic means coming from inside. So even loosing wait by eating all the right foods is still a matrix program. Its from without.

In the farming system all must fit one shoe size. When we compare ourselves to something outside or this is done to us we can’t grow from the inside or organically. Everything was created perfect. No needs to engineer anything from outside. Just provide conditions for it to flourish from inside.

This is why the graded system, competition, benchmarking, standardised testing…all of it is a way to mechanise people and a way to plug into the machine bureaucracy which itself is part of a larger mainframe we call the matrix which is run by an ARTIFICIAL Intel (a huge spyware system/spider web). The machine bureaucracy (pyramid) is a control mechanism. Soul cannot live in a machine.



The chances are big that many of us are now on that false grid and wouldn’t know like how a fish doesn’t know it is in water. Because all used to now live by proxy or thus from the outside in. Letting the outside tell u who u are. This is what we saw in the movie the Matrix and that grid where everything (people) on it is a program. Yes wakening from this we will see we have only been running programs on the surface till now. When u run by proxy u run programs and live in deja vu. Repeating patterns. U fall back in the Matrix and have no ability here anymore to self direct or of original thought. Original creative thought cannot be caught on the Matrix. Here u are a servant to the system which in the movie we call system maintenance of the Matrix. This is why when u have no more guidance from within but are fully guided from outside u are hacked by the spider and plugged into ┬áthis false matrix scientists are calling the fake hologram we live in; because reductionistic science is caught itself in it. so it believes this is all reality is about. but real reality is off this Matrix grid where we are locked outside ourself and driven from the outside.

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