We are entering HyperSpace: Disneyland of the Oxymorons


We are entering HyperSpace the Disneyland of the Oxymorons

We are entering (virtual) reality void of every form of natural reality. We are more and more falling into a cartoon like sense and model of reality. A kind of Neverland or fantasy land so heralded by Disney movies and Marvel. A kind of return but to an upside down version of the Kingdom… in outer space while it is inside. In micro we see this with individuals who are fully split which is the super (uber) soldier/hero model of self we are now moving into… We find this in physics referred to as hyperspace and going off planet to escape gravity… But this model of reality and self will not hold because it is void of a real sense of real and centre, this is why its vision is bent on outer space travel.. this is where this mind is heading..  We are going into a cyberworld reality… digital self very much like a cartoon or anime world where the fundamental laws of nature are lost. We can gage where (reality) the world is heading by tracking where the mind is heading in these terms of entering hyperspace. In this sense we will be loosing this timeline which is going off planet and off real reality… We are more and more sliding into a self concept and related reality sense (which is actually a loss of sense of reality) where we want to brake the fundamental law of opposites of nature and reality. A lopsided focus is now being traded for an oxymoronic sense of self.

We find this in more and more areas getting caught in oxymorons or contradictions. Coloqually we find this in the saying: you can’t have your cake and eat it too. It is the version of the union of opposites where the pair because they are so close are annihilated and a higher form of symmetry or order emerges. But in the case of the oxymoron what we get is a collision of poles where the one fully nulls the validity of the other, yet we want both but in a state that they can’t agree. This really takes us in terms of self into a whole new hyper space where we enter a kind of cyber world void of any real reality. A cartoon type of world where things are possible which normally aren’t. Applying it to the US we find we the oxymoron of war for peace and democracy. Or removing civil rights and freedoms (military state) to safeguard freedom. It has to do with the state energy or self is slipping into and what physics refer to as singularity.

Another example is what I have called in the past: a private democracy on paper. Reality is different. In a nut shell this is what the N meant with my the letter of the law. It has nothing whatsoever to do with real Justice. Look what Law enforcement has become in terms of police brutality…

Locally the latest Royal “Agreement” combines being put fully under “curatele” (full legal restraint or wardship) (‘onder volledige curatele stelling) while saying the autonomy is being safeguarded: ‘We have saved your autonomy by putting you under curatele’. Now nobody says such a thing is never necessary but to add that it is safeguarding autonomy is denial and not really seeing what has happened and denial thus on both sides.

Or in the states is: we will liberate you by taking away all your freedoms. Freedom by military state. Colloquially one would say even BS has a limit. But it really is a sense of self and reality that is going beyond real and natural reality.

The dreams are showing universally that this timeline which cuts off the shadow (feminine) and goes on into Neverland lured there by Peter Piper, is separating from real reality and the timeline which is going back to core and real Self. We just have to follow Hollywood, Marvel and Disney to see where this mind is going. It is the collective equivalent of going out of body and spacing out only this time maybe never to return to body/earth. This is happening toward the top of the pyramid.

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