Not that the media isn’t controlled, because a lot of it is. yet as u will see here if anything not only they/the Media etc (would) have great benefit from u believing they are keeping u ignorant. But also u “benefit” from that belief.

in a mentally toilet trained fashion; if we are blaming controlled media…husband, girlfriend, government etc etc, for filtering and censoring information, portraying them as this all bad monster; is just an excuse for the real censor (the media within u), censoring u from the real ‘news’ which is within u: the unconscious -which is within u- knows no bounds.

The unconscious knows all, is the oracle. The real all all seeing eye. U shouldn’t be focussing on the external media in the first place. It’s like the liar and the believer in the lie…

The only real question is how much u are willing to see of the truth… It’s like an onion: true Self which knows everything can only be found by u peeling off the layers of self deception and illusion u impose on your-self. Of which one is that others can keep u from knowing the truth.

Whatever u look at outside urself and blame for not letting u get the real “news”, or controlling u etc etc… u r giving tacitly the power over u and blaming for what u really deep inside are afraid of claiming and seeing in urself. The real limits u have are those u place on urself. the real issue is: WE KNOW BUT WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW THAT WE KNOW.

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