We talk about debts, but its people making the debts

One of C.G. Jung’s most famous quotes is:

“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”

The other way around is maybe even more poignant:

“Whatever in our environment we can’t see and treat as an aspect of ourselves, will appear within ourself treating us the way way we treat it without.” D. Halley

I can back this up with 20 years of observing dreams of countless people all over the world, and observing what happens within based on how we treat without.

Our way of looking at things has now turned quite upside down.



We are not being radiated because the oceans are radioactive. This is how we are looking at Fukushima… The same way we look at the financial “situation”.

The oceans are turning radioactive because we are radioactive. We r already radioactive. U c we create radioactive centres and weapons because we are radioactive. We are the problem but achieve to project it out there.

We make external debts because we are internally lacking… u c?

Everything is a symbol of self. So do everything and treat everything like self. If u loose a shoe, u have lost a part of ur walk. Without that one shoe u will not walk straight. Water the tree in ur garden like u r watering urself. The partner is playing out a part of u, u have not yet owned in urself.

We dump our filth in the woods because our mind is a dump. Trust me ur filthy mind will kill u before the woods u have littered will.

So if it is not about the debts as such but the people making the debts. Than do u c why talking about a (bad) financial “situation” as such…is really a way to (collectively) not take responsibility? the same thing goes for radiation etc etc. Within this OS we never realise it is people and our way of thinking is the problem at all layers.. Keep thinking its the environment, the debt, the Food, the water etc etc…



The same error with the way we think about debt is made in this quote:

“You become like the people u most spend time with. Choose carefully”.

Here again the burden is placed on the other. So i am a product of the other. The choose wisely is peripheral to already placing urself in the reactive passive receiver position. Either way, moderated by the observation problem (where the observer is separated from the observed), the debt problem it is seen as out there and determining me while I am the debt maker. Something in me is sorely lacking which if not filled will never lead to not making debt.


We find the same error in the popular saying about what we eat:

“You are what u eat. U have a choice in what ur made of”

Notice here how a choice is given after a dependency is created on food. The right flow of causality would be here: I eat what I am. or u eat what u are. The food will behave in me and will be chosen, based on the state I am in. In all these cases we reverse the true caskade of events…

This trend of logic and perceived direction of causation is really thus inverse of the right way to look at things…which is from inside out and thus not from outside in, which is the OS we are now running. In this sense we are not yet mentally toilet trained.
The OS (operating system) we are now running is really a inverse psychology.




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