What Barbie, Miley Cyrus, Girls becoming Goats and Super Soldiers have in Common? 1

This is some reporting on a long term study the author has been performing on the archetypal nature of evil. Specifically the archetype and figure of Baphomet (the Goat) which so permeates the media.

@ stake in the last lap is ur soul. without a real self u r nothing… a robot…a machine…a drone…a toy… a doll -> all led by external example/mold… this (the videos below) is an example of soul loss. it is just one extreme example of where the whole fake time line is leading. a doll is a piece of plastic in which real life cannot exist.. Most little girls grow up wanting to be like a Barbie & Miley. But our whole school system creates external models we are drilled to become like. While soul is within and what we are born with inside. All of the trends on the fake time line are leading to this same soul loss.




When girls become Goats

From the Barbie, to Miley…to the machine…cyber soldier etc etc. At the end of the whole TLC program on Ken, the real life Ken says very much to this accord: “i don’t have to be like the rest of the people who say i have to live with what god has given me. I am now my own creator. i can mold this shape as much as i really want. No one can tell me if i may do it.”

Do u c how symbolic this is for the fake time line? it will create its own creation…only it will not be a creation but a cartoon… We were meant to express our true unicity from within. Notice the oxymoron here of someone who has abandoned all inwardness saying he wants to go his own way by becoming totally artificial and plastic.

That’s like Miley Cyrus singing: “it’s our party we can do what we want…we run things, things don’t run we… doing whatever we want…this is our house…don’t u c we run the night…”




Anti-Individuation: Anti-Self

A full corruption of the true meaning of being a real individual. The perfect oxymoron or upside down of a fully fake individual… Rebelling against its own true essence (which is a spark of and thus God). A full diversion and sabotage of original divine purpose.

For those who have ears: it must start to dawn on u what archetype is governing this agenda… and thus what is the meaning of the goat… The meaning of when girls become goats?




Super Soldiers

We see the same archetype emerging in the trend toward the creation of super soldiers. The merger of human and machine. Where we see, in the becoming of the machine: the same anti-individuation process of a full loss of Self. The soul as the unique individual spark cannot survive in a machine as it can’t in a GMO.


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One thought on “What Barbie, Miley Cyrus, Girls becoming Goats and Super Soldiers have in Common?

  • Marvin S

    Here in NYC, the influence that many of these Artists have on the youth is immeasurable. From my own experience throughout highschool and college, there are countless amounts of kids who put up the Illuminati sign, make it with their hands, draw it on the bathroom stalls and yell it outlou jokingly without them having any idea what the it represents. They do it because the artists that they so much idolize do so as well, they are the Goats. I came back to this post because i was listening to a song by an Artist who is owned by JAY Z and it seems like all they talk about is Illiminati, the devil, judas. The lyrics say this. “I’m In trouble did a deal with the devil but now I’m Pleading with Him, give me my soul” He also says “I’m bout to go join the Illuminati, F*** Everybody”. This and Jay Z are one of the most popular artists with the youths and they are just leading them astray. I have been a follewer of you’re work for a while now and really appreciate posts like these.