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The world is waking up… to its true nature. I believe major symbol and real pictures are surfacing in the world showing not only how rotten the system (uncovering collective shadow) is to the bone but also that we are returning to true nature (Self). I think this is one of them.

This picture was posted on Facebook. It struck a chord because I believe it refers to the scripture in Isaiah who wrote about “the wolf dwelling with the lamb while the leopard lies down with the kid… and the young lion” (Isaiah 11:6).


The glass between us & Self

But then the glass (Prison) the tiger was behind also flew in my face. Here indeed not two souls are trying to touch, but we are trying to reconnect to Self. The glass between them. We start at a very early age to disconnect the children and babies from their Self.

So while I think the pic hints at this scripture, It is also shows how we have been cut off from Self which is really the soul…and maybe returning to the beginnings of re-connecting to Self…as per the prophetic scripture…

Our whole story is how at this early age we are still in touch which the Self. But quickly we are made to cut off from the Self (which is the Tiger here). It reminds of the tiger in Life of Pi when the boy was little and had this connection with this huge tiger…and the zoo man came and disciplined him frightening him in a way he would never be ok anymore with his tiger/inner Self. This tiger is the true Self and source of deep inner nature we cut off from children from this age in pic in order to start turning them into little regurgitating machines. Cutting them off from the inner light of nature (inner nature).


Nothing is real till its Gone

This Tiger is a supremely powerful creature but this is why it is such a powerful representation of The Self. The rest of the movie is the protagonist really eventually getting lost at high sea of life, because he has lost contact with his soul and Self. Nothing is real till its gone. We must loose self to become aware of it.

And on high sea the feat is to reconnect to Self. Self is source and the true light we call soul. The story is really recounting our Tale of how we loose contact with Self at a very early age and how the rest of life becomes a quest for Self: who we really are: the true light. Inner nature. Outer nature is really inner nature, once we awaken. so it is terribly symbolic what we do with nature and with the self symbols in nature because it really gives a fix/visual on what is happening within.


wild cats

Freeing Tigers

So in these terms what we “see” here, is humanity imprisoned in-front of that glass..locked out of outer nature by virtue of being cut off from inner nature… Cutting off Self means we are in quarantine from source/light and thus freedom. With the whole transhuman movement we see really the full extension of humanity cutting off itself fully from inner nature and self (Tiger).

This is why we lock up animals and nature. It means WE r in a prison. When we put nature and animal behind bars we are putting ourselves in a prison by virtue of cutting ourselves off from Self (inner/outer nature). This is what we are doing to ourselves when we imprison nature in industrial gmo Farms (a nature cut off from seeds/self) and animals in zoo’s and slaughter houses. But the inside-out version is that it symbolises our own quarantine from Self and soul which is the light in nature which is life and source.




It is from here that we find the meaning of: “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.”

So in literal terms when we reconnect to Self the vision described here will occur within and without the dreams… This was the case before the fall and will be symptomatic that we are returning home…I feel the pic is also hinting that we could be starting on, at least one time line, to return to paradise and or to fulfill this prophecy mentioned here.


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