When we Let Go, WE are Free 1

let go

Let the Bird of Paradise go free. We r witnessing the last breaths of a dying system. A system which was set up on a flat reflexive gaze outward of what is basically self. Blind to projections…that the neighbour is really self. Treat ur neighbour as urself was meant esoterically…to address a fractal view of reality which would dawn on us at the birth of a New Age.

Don’t bribe, nor frighten. LET HER/HIM GO. Burn the cages, the classrooms, the Programs, the zoos, aquariums, farms, the Lab, the experiment…set it all free. They are all contrived bonds. Control mechanisms…contracts… The scientist sees not that the ultimate verdict for the scientific enterprise: the experiment, lab, design… will be on himself. Yes it says more about u than what u pretend to study. U are contrived, imprisoned…


From Knowledge & Info 2 Awareness

I know U are afraid…and seek knowledge out there…to out that fire. but it is this fear u need to see.  u do that…because it is U who are imprisoned…but see not yet that what u see and thus make out there is U. we create prisons out there because we are imprisoned. U put animals in labs because u r in a lab. Yes the ultimate outskirt of knowledge is urself..

It is only fair that u become the very object of ur own knowing…and find out that the way u were studying says more about u than reality…


Teacher Look Inwards

The teacher sees not that s/he’s locking her/himself up in that classroom with the students. the joke is always on us. U tie me down cause u are caught. If u were free u would set free. The police sees not that they are the ones they are surveying, when this mega surveyance system is called into life to survey ‘others’… u are that other 2. It is simply the case of the paranoid husband, because he doesn’t trust himself…



We R that Race!

Yes that race or class of een (1) ogen (One eyes) that has descended to a very low level; this story and race is us. But this is also how we look at mythology, as something from a distant past. Even if it possesses our cartoons and money.



It is terribly symbolical that we create cells…zoos…classrooms….prisons, compartments…modules… The depth self analysis is simple: because it is WE are locked up…imprisoned mentally.  you will know a tree by the fruit it bears.

We are awakening to see that what is out there…what we create…is what we are. We talk about debt, while it is people/we making the debt. If everywhere we come we litter and treat like a dump, it is because we are filthy and our mind a dump. This is the way a self aware race would look at what it makes and creates…imprisons…like a garden…like self.


Garden as Fractal Organisation

We will use the garden as the metaphor for everything: the way a seed is cultivated naturally…freely. We will not, once we are free mentally, lock children up in class-rooms (cells) and modules and programs…bribe and threaten… and call this school. It is a mind prison! Programming…from without. A blind man cannot lead a blind man.

The new quantum vision dawning on us is that everything out there is a symbol of self. When we wash a stone we are washing our soul. We r the tree…the water…the food…

when we set the world on fire we are setting ourself on fire. We don’t run to loose weight, we loose weight to run. This is the next step in awareness we are now to taking: we r Awakening!


Never 2 Keep, Cause U Love it too much...

School, economy, governance, church, etc is still all based on fear or bribing… forced attendance… The red pen, the penance or the accolade. The teacher sees not yet that we do this really (still) our of fear. To make u stay with me. To bond u. If they don’t attend maybe…u r not really school… maybe it is not love.. Maybe u don’t wanna say goodnight… U think i can truly learn if u threaten me? What u are encountering out there is the way u are disturbing learning.. Because U can’t dance yet…

It should hurt teachers deeply to use the red pen. Our job is 2 inspire…to help them find love. to set free. So is the lover’s mission…because that we r doing to ourselves. Than we wonder why bankers and soldiers have started committing suicide. It’s because what we are doing to the other we are doing to self…

Reality is a double edged sword. When u watch the other u are being watched. When u imprison the other u r in a prison. U c we must face our demons…we must c this… nothing will stick if not based on self awareness and true love…not owning…controlling…conditioning… And it shouldn’t and can’t. U only know U loved when u let it Go. Not (only) because if it doesn’t come back it never loved u…

i will say that again …the real reason we let go is not only to see if there was real love, but because (only than) WE R FREE.

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  • Kelsie

    There are actually some intriguing points in time in this post but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is certainly some validity but I will take hold opinion till I appear into it further. Very good article , thanks and we want a lot more!