Why Smokers tell kids to not smoke…

This is the best cigaret commercial ever I suggest, because it is showing us to ourselves… I is a mirror, showing us the main psychological problem of the current mind and world: dissociation.

Smokers telling kids to not smoke is a problem of dissociation where one side of the self is unconscious of the other side in diametrical opposition to it. This is a problem that can easily pass any psychological, criminological or psychiatric screening, because the dominant fragment of the mind or operating system (OS) functions perfectly normal. It itself in total oblivion of that other side of itself which is in full opposition.

Dangerous Architectures of Self

As a matter of fact it is possible that the whole culture and even most of psychiatry is bent on forging this self structure. Namely bent on, and aiding in, compartmentalising the mind, pushing away aspects of self like depression or thus anything that is shrouded in it.Take for instance the current development to “treat” PTSD by permanently cutting off the depression and anxiety which natural results from extreme violence. When fully walling of the OS of the mind to other opposing parts of itself, fully sealed off fragments can go onto lead lives on their own fully independent of the other aspects of the host personality/system. It is here we get an answer for how adults can smoke yet tell kids smoking is very bad for them. These are two parts of the self here which are fully independent and each living in virtual isolation of the other.

Mirror Mirror…

We are at the point of moving on the one hand into a state of full dissociation of self and its shadow, a state I described in prior writings as the Vampire archetype. And moving to the next stage in human development of self awareness. Painfully waking up to seeing our current state (shadow). As Jung says in the video below: we are still not self aware and therefore a great treat to ourselves.

This dissociative self, while morally off-beat, is rapidly becoming the trend, the psychological norm of an increasing mechanical global culture. Where technology is becoming the new “culture”. The false/dissociative self is slowly disconnected from the acorn or the core self which is the seed it springs from rooted in the collective unconscious (Sophia/Nature). In absence of a real natural core the false self trades the collective unconscious for an Artificial Intelligence, nature for a mainframe. To be plugged into an artificial intelligence driven mainframe the self has to become artificial.

Artificial self

This absence of self awareness and dissociation underlies the architecture of the false self (the current norm), versus the Archetype of (true) Self. The false self is premised on doing one thing and expecting and even enforcing others to do the exact opposite that it is doing. Espousing one thing and other autonomous parts/programs of it, doing the exact opposite.The false self not only smokes and tells the kids to not smoke but calls jails for animals Zoos.


It is a very very dangerous self model and if not the next step in human development taken, a species will not survive itself in this state. This is the problem espoused in the following video:

Plagued by self-deception

The false self or dissociative mind has a very hard time seeing its own lies and falseness because it is unable to see itself. Sometimes when i say this lay people find it hard to believe but this video/commercial (Smoking Kid) is a testament to this problem of self awareness and how it is very possible to hold others accountable for the very things i am doing or for the very things I am violating and thus flatly not see this in ourselves.

The Artificial self and the Pyramid

This artificial self is the self template which is required to make it or reach the top of the pyramid (the hierarchy that society has become) which is the western/modern template for organisation and culture (which is really a form of technology). This is because the triangle is the very shape of the false self. The false self dissociates from its shadow (lower half) which would be the lower half of the rectangle or square, which thus makes the false self the psychological pyramid.

We see in TV game shows like Survivor and Big brother, movies like the hunger games, and modern organisations the conniving, false self which is able to deceive and lie with a straight poker face (dissociate), as being the requisite self model to make it to the top and apex of the hierarchy.

Don’t do as I do…

Don’t do as I do… This is the anti or inverse of “lead by example” and “do as u say”. This dissociative state would be the basis for thus anti-morality, anti-virtues or upside down values. This is not only with cigarette smokers telling children to not smoke while they smoke. Dissociation at large is the mental state where one side of us does one thing…feels one thing and thinks one thing, while the other says, expounds and espouses the diametrical opposite.

We see it abundantly in racism, racists feasts yet preaching human rights, animal brutality imprisoning and enslaving the whole animal kingdom yet acting as if we love and respect animals, nuclear weapons for me but not for u. And trust me the evil-geni-us will make u believe it makes sense. We find this same hypocrisy in the green movement and really it is the norm now far and wide. We say one thing to others and hold them accountable for the very thing we do. It is really a way to split the mind. For the mind must split to deal with such blatant contradiction and oxymoron.

This mental split state is a meme like a virus infecting (going viral) not only the whole world but is the reason we are locked in such a dense frequency energetically…blocking us from taking the next step in human development. Instead taking us downward spiral.

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