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The Anatomy of A Good Lie

Many are now onto “The Conspiracy”. This is not untrue, i.e., that there’s a conspiracy at this level often referred to as zionist etc. Meaning that conspiracy theorists will attribute often the staged events to Zionists and contingents. But u know that scene in movies where u think u have figured it out and as u turn the following corner u realize that what u found was planted there for u to find and that there was a much bigger picture at play? Some truth is leaked out but with intentions of concealing a bigger conspiracy or hoax this very smaller conspiracy serves. As They say, for a lie to be good it has to be based on some/a lot of truth. So now we see everything coming out regarding the Zionist complot and how there’s this huge double standard in favor of Israel and against the Muslims etc. Meaning the anti zionist conspiracy theorists believe this Zionist conspiracy is now being exposed. But that’s when the plot thickens.


Hoaxing the Prophecy

There’s what I call a larger conspiracy behind the Zionist conspiracy. I will try to explain shortly in this blog. Babylon the great (the whole corrupted system) would eventually collapse. The previsioning of this in big dreams is depicted in Biblical prophecy. The scripture regarding the prophecy (Revelation 18), says ALL the nations would be made drunk on this wine (poison). I interpret this wine (based on dreamwork at the level of the collective unconscious) as a split mind (self also referred to in Bible as false idol) in which one side is perpetually pitted off against the other, and constantly fueled to keep them apart. That is the mind that becomes hypocritical, corrupt, materialist, addicted: vampire…. but not only that to keep the mind split in irreconcilable opposites is to control it because in this split state it cannot direct itself from within. In this sense this would be the way eventually the whole system by being split would be held hostage.

The whole system of All nations (except only the real indigenous who really remained uncorrupted by the modern world development and self template) would eventually fall and self-destruct because it is premised on concealing the shadow. But this was previsioned in the prophecy. So of course if one side could make (the) the side (Zionist capitalist Banker side) look like Babylon the Great, given that the prophecy says that God’s Kingdom would rule after: then the other and especially the system which would emerge out of this chaos, could look like gods Kingdom.


The Larger Conspiracy

The larger conspiracy would to get (at least 50%) to believe/see there is a (Zionist) conspiracy.” One must have noticed how in all the false flags; evidence is blatantly left on the crime scene to ‘hint’ that they are “real” false flags… (Building 7, passports, etc). And so create a global opposition to this Zionist western conspiracy (which is also real). In this sense both the camera’s in the picture (below) and the camera’s behind/taking this picture thus serve this larger purpose. And thus showing one this Zionist conspiracy but for a higher purpose. This while this “opposition” is thus in terms and part of fake left right Hegelian paradigm also owned by a same cap stone. There’s of course a big chance the majority being drawn into this global left right conflict are not aware it is being controlled from the capstone above both sides.




Order out of Chaos

So how better (or there would be no other option) than to try to play along with the inevitable fall and try co-opt it and profit from it. The whole system is corrupt. West, far, middle and eastern European. All of it is based on the repression of the feminine or shadow. The west does psychologically and concealed what the middle east does blatantly with the woman. Buddhist don’t allow women into their temples either. What the standard media shows of the middle eastern and Muslim nations is how they treat the feminine/shadow/women blatantly the same as the zionist west does it but in a concealed fashion and which is premised on the full rejection of women. This is central dogma in the very Catholic church while J’s message was embracing the feminine.


Global Fake Left Right Paradigm

Very often we’ve heard the question of why the truth is hidden in plain site. This is because they want u to see the ‘conspiracy’. But it is not only now that as is being shown: namely that the west is corrupt to bone, but so is the so-called other side exposing this. Both side are anti feminine and anti women and fully corrupt to the bone. Both sides in this row are just as corrupt, but the same lesser evil game is emerging at a global level. To see the conspiracy theorists heralding Russia, still stuck in police state dynamics, as savior to police state emerging in the western is the same as the bi-partisan lesser evil politics within nations.

The game is fake a left right (division) scheme within the collapse of the whole system onto its own footprint: trying to co-opt it with real false flags to drag the whole system/world into this dog fight between Jews and Muslims in the middle east. And make the one look like the evil Babylon the Great while both are very extreme and problematic. It can remain stealth as long as the opposites remain un-reconciled in the mind.


2 get u to be anti-zionist NWO conspiracy is to recruit u into the other pole which is also controlled by the same owner of both sides… It’s amazing how in this clip is shown this about the left and right in America while pushing the same thing globally. By proxy is here being told who is at the top of the pyramid globally. Some believe the capstone is dimensional and has achieved to set the human being off against itself.


The Epicenter of the False Prophecy

According to the hypothesis of the using of the real prophecy to hoax it, it is clear how by now this whole Middle Eastern theater centers around the false prophecy. In this way the real collapse of Babylon would be tried to be hijacked and made to work for this system trying to resurrecting ITSELF out of the ashes of the fall which would become indistinguishable from the real fall of Babylon brought down by the global shadow and wrath of the Lamb. This is why amidst the false flags and fake conspiracy theorists and MK leakers and leaks (most of which don’t even know they are being used) the real shadow is bringing Babylon (itself) down; not just one side of Babylon (now called Zionists).



The only way out of Babylon is to flee to the mountain (of Olives) via work on oneself. The shadow work is the real work of the cross. One needs to be awake in oneself to see what this whole current global left right division is staged on. Like individuals, no-one Nation has escaped the fall and being infested with demons (which is how Babylon the great is described), without shadow work (inner self work). Therefore we all can get out of bBabylon which is at its core really a split mind/system.



The real Kingdom would not fuel a global conflict in which both sides are controlled. But would bring the opposites together showing that they direly need each other to be whole.



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