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The Psychology of the Truth: belief


What we call truth from the outside is belief from the inside. Like with virtually all knowledge in the west we approach it all from the outside. We for instance speak of observations and interpretations but omit the observer and the interpreter. We somehow separate the observer from the observed and continue talking about observations while the observation says more about the observer than the observed. This is the same fundamental error committed when we speak of so-called truth.


All that Is conceiled is erupting out but is that enough?


A lot is coming to light…if not all. Coming out into the open…into the public eye now….like a tsunami. There is all this information coming out at our disposal. To finally expose the corruption on this planet…a very very sick system on the planet.


Yet we think it is as easy as providing external evidence and people will believe things. First a sleep mode of denial needs to be lifted. Truth is powered by belief. The well known mantra goes: another study proves this…and that…, but does it?


Inner connections have to be made to reach the inner half of truth: belief which is based on inner real correlations…connecting of dots in oneself…. It is here that lies the key issue of truth. i.e., the problem self responsibility…


Its not just a matter of exposing external facts…its also a matter of the courage and wanting to break the denial and sleep mode to see the truth and thus what is hidden in plain site but can’t be seen with eyes wide shut.


The Truth Can’t be Revealed from Outside


The truth cannot revealed (alone) from the outside…by another. It has to be converted to something inside. The law/book/prayer…has to be written on the heart. If they wake u up u are still asleep.

Toward the lower frequencies where we are outside ourselves, and too close to others and situations to see what is really there. we fall in denial and into a sleep mode toward ourselves. Here we lose the ability to take self responsibility. as a matter of fact too much pushing on facts on others can even work inverse to the other “seeing” them.


Esoteric Twist

So-called truth is not something which can exist independent of the believer. It is like the observer, the act of observation  and the observed. They are inextricably intertwined.


It all boils down to an inability to see self and thus take self responsibility at the lower levels. So to see truth one needs to be elevated out of these low frequencies of consciousness. For instance:


  • We see not that we are not made angry by another but that we let others make us angry.
  • We see not that we don’t loose but that we choose not to win.
  • We see not that it isn’t that we can’t see the truth but that we choose to not see the lie.


Toward the lower levels of (a lack of self) consciousness: we fall in a state of dependence on the surrounding like a drug not seeing that we have a choice to not do it. It is really a state or sort of mental prison at this level where volition and will and real intention from within is lost.


Trapped in density: even when we attack we are still the victim

Energy/consciousness at this level is trapped in a very dense state…objectified state, where it becomes very difficult to self-reflect and be self aware which is the basis of the ability to take self responsibility. Without this ability to take self responsibility we tend to depend on everything outside of us: blaming the outside or attributing all cause to the outside and not seeing that we are always choosing, even when unconscious of choosing and intending, and thus that underlying everything lies a choice.

And in this case a default choice where we are always reactive to external circumstances and have no inner impetus…to self direct and so it becomes extremely hard to break the sleep mode or state of denial and thus ability to choose to see the lie and awaken to the truth. So seeing the truth is really a process of awakening and not just the presenting of “facts” to others. This ability to see that we are always choosing, even if it is by default, is the true sign of an awakening soul.

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